Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The latest news from Hostigos... new Kalvan book out soon!

Long time readers of this blog will be aware of my fondness for H. Beam Piper's great paratime yarn, "Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen", and the sequels by John Carr. I just got a pre-publication notice for the latest addition to the addition to the Kalvan saga, pictured and described below:

I really like the sound of this one, and have placed my pre-order already!

I note that now has the following books in the (all of the Carr sequels in the series) available in Kindle editions for about $8.99 each:

Kalvan Kingmaker
Great King's War
The Fireseed Wars
The Siege of Tarr Hostigos
Gunpowder God

For that price, you can have all five for less than the cost of a single copy of one of these novels in hardcover!  That's literally thousands of pages of great reading for a wargamer (especially those interested in the Thirty Years War/Pike and Shot era), including much great fodder for the wargames table. If you're still not sure, download the earlier vision of the first sequel to "Lord Kalavan of Othwerwhen free here from John's website,

I see John also has his two sequels to H. Beam Piper's "Space Viking" available on kindle now as well - I may well get those, too.

Down Styphon!


ADDENDUM:  Meiczyslaw on TMP has found most of Piper's works in oopne source form as part of project Gutenberg: LINK  Unfortunately, while this includes two of Piper's best, "Little Fuzzy" and "Space Viking", it does not include "Lord Klavan", and will not likely any time soon, the copyright being mired in legal wrangles for decades, from what I understand.


  1. Down Styphon!!!! I truely enjoy Pipers books as well. My space fleet models are based on his globe-shaped ships from one of the covers of "Space Viking." Since I used to live in the mountains above Altoona and Hollidaysburg, PA, even the terrain is familiar. Good news indeed!

    1. Yep, you were living right in the area of "Otherwhen" Hos-Hostigos, John!

  2. Neat that you'll get to enjoy another in the series of......

    1. Yep; the "inspired by Kalvan's tales of Robin Hood" sounds very promising as a premise, too.