Friday, October 11, 2013

Royalist Dragoons and Leaders

This is the last in my series of posts covering my under-used ECW forces; I really must do something about getting them some tabletop time! The alloy pikes make these armies that I am reluctant to transport very often! However, they have pretty much accompanied me to every place I have lived since 1974!

Royalist leaders; these large chaps were donated to me by Joe, IIRC. I should do a little black lining on them so that they match the style of the other figures. I believe they may be Dixon figures. 

Quite a variety of styles and colors; some of the few figures not painted by me in my collection!

Another view I think the middle figure in the dark green hat may be the Hinchliffe version of King Charles II.

Some Minifigs Dragoons; almost certainly too smart looking with their large red "facing color" like cuffs, almost reminiscent of the later uniforms of the Sun King era.

The mounted drummer is one of the nice special figures included in this quite extensive Minifigs line. This unit was painted as Colonel Woolaston's, known to have worn white coats (although probably a lot less "white" than these figures wear!)

Rear view of the Dragoons deploying to hold a key bridge!  Evidently, in Europe (Thirty Year's War) there were even some Dragoon Pikemen for a brief time, but as far as I can tell, there is no reliable evidence that  this was ever the case during the English Civil War. 

Minifig's versions of King Charles and Prince Rupert.

Another view of His Majesty and the Prince, conversing as they ride off into the pages of history!


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  2. Very good to see your "vintage" ECW collection. Forty year old figures and aging nicely. For blacklining, do you paint the black shadow first and then lay the color on top or lay the color down first and then edge in black?

    I must get in a game with my ECW collection too!


    1. Hi Jon,

      The black lining is done with an ink pen after the figures are painted and before they are varnished. I don't like the dark look that black priming often gives, plus it would be hard to use effectively on very "smooth" figures like the Minifigs.


    2. Funny I dont like the darkening effect of black undercoat (especially on 15mm and smaller) preferring to do any highlighting after figure is fully painted. Got to love Prince Rupert of the Rhine

    3. Different styles and tastes.
      Your blog has been quiet, Garry. Anything going on there?

  3. Very nice! Some beautiful, colored, figures!

  4. The command figures you mention are indeed Dixons. So many neat troops needed officers to get them in trouble, so....
    Will need to get your ECW up against Roger's Scots army someday.

  5. Yes that would be good! Evidently form the TMP-verse, two of the 5 figures are Essex, which is interesting!

  6. Lovely figures and painting there. I have an extensive collection of modern ECW figures, but they don't hold a light to these old Minifigs which have real character and charm.

  7. Thanks! There are some great modern figures out there, but the old Minifigs have a classic, if perhaps not entirely historically correct, "Cavlaiers and Roundheads" look to them. I am more than willing to allow the artistic license!