Friday, October 4, 2013

NKE Archers

These are some shots of the units of New kingdom Egyptians I painted up rather rapidly this winter in preparation for the game I ran at HAVOC this past March.using the gridded /Charlie-David Sweet Ancient rules  I had prepared the game on short notice, so with Historicon behind me, I finally had the time to terrain the bases with a mixture of sand and talus, plus some Silflor clumps. Originally I had planned to use the rather tan/yellowish "winter" tufts, figuring that would be best to represent vegetation in an arid environment, but it turned to be too close to the color of the sand and talus, and thus nearly invisible; the Summer tufts were thus called into service instead. I loathe basing, and spend as little time as possible on it. Considering that, I'm pretty happy with how these stands came out!

A "unit" of Light Infantry Archers.

The red stripes on the headress identifies them as belonging to "Division Amun", at least in my scheme!

(172 x 414 x 128) (13884 bytes)
Amun, one of the chief gods of Egypt

Mostly 25mm Old Glory figures, with a few odds and ends of Garrison models as fill-ins. 

More OG Archers; you can see that the "Magic Wash" worked very well to pick out the folds of their "kilts".

Once again, the high percentage of Command figures in the 30 figure Old Glory sets (great value!) meant I had to work to use them all.

The yellow stripes, etc identify this unit as being from "Division Re" in my scheme. 

(78 x 170 x 64) (3207 bytes)
Ra: at one time king of the gods of Egypt; and god of the sun; rode "the boat of millions of years" across the sky in the day,  and a different boat across the underworld at night.

Another unit of archers. These guys look well fed, and like they put in some serious gym time, LOL!  Maybe they saw "The Five Hundred" and felt they needed to bulk up to compete!  :-)

The blue stripes and other accessories identify these guys as belonging to "Division Seti"

(120 x 180 x 256) (8056 bytes)
Seti (or Set); Egyptian god of Chaos.

The greenish "leather" armor is supposed to represent crocodile skin; probably dark brown would be more accurate, but then it would hardly show, now wood it?

Another archer unit, this time incorporating a "standard bearer" and a hornist.

I have some spare figures and will probably add another stand of 2 figures to each of these units; as I was in a rush, I painted no more figures than absolutely necessary!

Green is the distinctive color of "Division Ptah" in my scheme. 

Ptah standing.svg
Ptah was the Egyptian god of Creation, and of craftsmen.

Her's a 5th unit with dark red as a distinctive color.

Could be a 2nd archer unit in Division Amun... but that might make the other gods jealous if his Division has more troops than theirs!

With the other units, that makes a total of 30 archers. I'll need to add some close order archers as well eventually...



  1. Great looking chaps whom I bet are really adept at 'walking like an Egyptian' :-)

  2. Beautiful! A very nice paintjob, I do like them, and the write-up is really nice too!

  3. Very nice, I really like how the bases came out. The green tufts provide great contrast.


    1. Thanks, John. I was very happy with them as well, and they were quick and easy to do - a key thing for me!

  4. I like your Egyptians very much. Nice work on the headdresses. From your photos, the Old Glory Egyptian range looks good.

  5. Thanks, Jonathan. The OG are perfectly acceptable, and the price is definitely right. I may want to add some more archers, chariots, and infantry from another manufacturer for variety, but am unsure where to look for figures at a reasonable price!

  6. They look very nice. I've always wanted a NKE army. Now your tempting me.

    1. Thanks, David. I'd always wanted one too; I didn't raise one back when because my longtime wargames friend Charlie wanted to do one. Of course, he never did. So, I raised one 30 years after ll my other ancient armies! I still need to add some more figures to bring it up to the size of my Roman, Carthagenian, and Assyrian armies.

  7. The bases look good. Maybe the last division should be Thoth.

  8. Hmm, the Egyptian God of Wisdom. Still, even Ramses had only 4 Divisions at Kadesh! :-)

  9. You have done it again Peter. I am fond of the saying that "you learn something everyday, and if you don't you are dead", or words to that effect. Well, I'm getting several days' worth from your posts!
    A non-medical man would have used the word scree (or at least I would). Talus had me diving for the 'font of all knowledge'. The use of the word that I found most interesting is for the sloping wall of a fortification. I have some knowledge of the 'dictionary of fortification terms' from my interest in the French and Indian War, but I had not come across this one before. So, thanks (again).
    Lovely figures too!
    [I occasionally play Rome: Total War (yeah, I know computer game *ptwah!*) and the Egyptians give my Carthaginians a difficult time; particularly those Pharaoh's archers (as the game calls them).]

    1. Hi James,

      I agree about learning something new every day!

      "Talus" is pretty standard US Model Railroading term for the (sloped) loose rock foundation upon which rails are laid, thus packs of talus are bags of loose rack/shale. I imaguine this is using the word to mean "footing" as well, derived from the Talus bone of the foot.

      Similarly, "scree" is unfamiliar to me in this usage - to me it refers to divining, so I too l;earned something new today!

      I play some computer games; old favorites are Sid Meir's Colonization, Heroes of Might and Magic (especially HOMM3) and Fantasy General form the Fiove Star General series; I have Medieval: Total War on my computer, just haven't been daring enough to get started with it!

      I much prefer "turn based" strategy game to the real time ones,. which seem like click-fests to me!

    2. "I much prefer "turn based" strategy game to the real time ones,. which seem like click-fests to me!"
      Agree whole-heartedly. Plus figures and 3D-'real' terrain features look better too. Then there's the fact that you researched the uniforms, painted them... all the myriad of aspects that we love about our hobby!
      (Had a good chuckle about scree vs talus. In theory we both speak the same language, lol!)

    3. I just realised that you are talking about the likes of Civilization vs a 'click-fest' game. I'm with you there too—I have 'lost' many hours of my life doing 'just one more turn' of Civ! I play Rome: Total War more like a wargame, pausing it to set up moves, letting them play out, then sending in reinforcements (or trying to avert disaster). Good fun, but not like the 'real thing' of wargaming with miniatures!

    4. Hi James,

      Well actually, I was talking about Turn based computer strategy games (like Civilization) vs Real Time strategy games (like Warcraft, Starcraft). I certainly prefer miniature gaming to either one, though!