Monday, October 3, 2016

Wizard Kraft modular terrain Kickstarter - the final stretch

Well, we're down to the last 3 days of the Wizard Kraft Kickstarter (ends circa 2:30 AM Friday, so a little over 72 hrs to go. I already increased my own pledge from $150 to $250, so I am putting my own money where my mouth is! As of now it is over 70% funded. Despite that, there are STILL some nice added incentives available:

First 30 (18 remaining) backers of $25.00 or more will also receive a swamp (6" to 8" diameter)

First 20 (5 remaining) backers of $75.00 or more will receive a 12" long ford straight plus the above early bird item.

So right now if you pledged $75 or more and it funds, you'd get both bonuses. Frankly, if you you're starting from scratch with this system, the $150 pledge is an even better deal. And once again, there is NO shipping charge worldwide for anything bought as a part of the Kickstarter. That in itself is a real value, especially outside the US!

 At my request, William sent along some new sample photos of the variants he is working on already.

This is a dry river bed (with blue pools), with the "Arid" flock. The Arid flock looks to match that used on the Geohex "desert terrain" pieces. I really like this item, and my add on order will likely include some of these to use as wadis for colonial games, and/or  the Ancient near East.  I'd probably use Muddy water for mine, though.  Or not - the blue is very pretty!

Here are samples of muddy rivers, with the green flock on the banks. I prefer the blue myself, but the dark water is certainly more "realistic". William is also working on pieces with rocks added, as are seen above. Muddy water with Arid flock would again seem another attractive option for dry locales. Note also the cool looking piece with the island in the stream.l William makes these by hand, so they are all a bit different! As I obsewrved in my earlier post, not only does the Wizard Kraft terrain look great, but it is quite flexible and durable - I have lost none of the flocking, even in pieces that have been in use for over 15 years. William guarantees these pieces for normal wear.  Obviously, if you let your pet Tasmanian Devil jump up and down on them, they might be able to damage them!

Close up of the Muddy River pieces. William tells me the  Tiger I is 1/49 scale and the muddy river is the 4 inch wide version. Personally, I favor narrow rivers, as they take up a lot of space on the tabletop. Thus I use the 1" rivers for the bulk of the water in my 28mm games (the measurement refers to the width of the WATER, so they are actually about 2" wide. I use the 2" rivers (which are about 3+ inches wide) to represent major rivers, usually un-fordable, such as the Danube, the Elbe, etc. Indeed, with my KS funds I plan to add some 1/2 river pieces to represent small streams. That size would seem especially suited to use with  6/10mm figures.

Here are some blue rivers with Arid flock and rocks. Once again, you can see the variety William works into these items. And once again, maybe I *do* like the blue better even with the arid terrain, So, you can get your rivers with water widths of 1/2", 1", 2", or 4 "  (Or even 8' with special order, although that seems to be well into 54 mm gaming or single figure skirmish usage to me). You can get them with green or arid flock. You can get them with blue or muddy water.. or even unfinished or partially finished!  That's, what - at least 16 different variants available?!!!  Talk about spoiled for choice!

This is another item that William has prototypes for, and hopes to add to the range over time - beaches and water for naval/Amphibious games, plus swamps, fields, roads, hills, and more!

Finally, a gallery of just *some* of the games that I have run using the Wizard Kraft rivers (in this case, mostly the "1" width, and all blue with green flock) in the past 10 years.  As you can see, I probably get more use out of my Wizard Kraft rivers than just about any other wargame item I own! So if you're on the fence about joining the Kickstarter, let me give you a gentle nudge to hop down and sign up now, before it's too late. Once again, it's over at 2:40 AM Friday, October 7th, which basically means just after Midnight Thursday - US Eastern Daylight Time. 

Wagram, 1809

Eggmuhl, 1809

Raszyn, 1809

Maloyaroslavets, 1812

Borodino, 1812

The Katzbach, 1813

DSCN0012.JPG (1243×1155)
Battle of the Trebbia (using the 2" rivers here)  218  BC

Ebelsberg  1809

Neumarkt, 1809

Znaim, 1809

Mockern, 1813

Raab5.JPG (768×1024)
Raab, 1809

Battle on the Piave, 1809

Gorod12.JPG (768×920)
Gorodetschna, 2012

Ligny, 1815

Dresden, 1813

Dresden again

 Mars la Tour, 1870, with Tim's 15mm Franco Prussian troops.

Sudomer, 142o

Cerignola, 1503

Graz, 1809

Polotsk, 1812

So, what are you waiting for, General?  Sign on today!   :-)



  1. OK, OK. You have convinced me. I'm in.

  2. Just like you, I upped my bid. I a! Hoping to get a 1/2in and 2in river system in the new muddy water set. Looking at his website it seems that offering a bundle set would really help his case. My 2" river set was a bundle I picked up from him at Enfilade! and that really made the sale.

    1. The River set for the KS is pretty much the Bundle, but I agree that offering it via the webstore once the KS is over makes all the sense in the world - why don't you suggest it there, Jake. William must be tired of me pestering him by now! :-)

    2. There, I pestered him as well

    3. So I see; good man, Jake! :-)

  3. Thanks for all the new pictures! Have upped pledge once, may do it again. Would really like to see this project get funded.

    1. Thanks; I am willing to kick in a bit more as well if we're close but not quite there yet...

  4. I am little dissapointed that the river sections don't match up better than they do. A deal breaker for me.

    1. They actually match up *extremely* well, Dick. See the many pictures of them in use at my Convention games. Like any river, which has to be made in sections, they can slide around a bit. That's life in a real game as opposed to a WI photoshoot!

  5. SUCCESS! With 90 minutes to go (ends 2:40 AM EDT today), we are FUNDED at $10,176 pledged. Thanks to all of you who participated, and there is still a short while left to join the Kickstarter, or increase your pledge (William has offered a new premium for those increasing their pledges)

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