Sunday, January 6, 2013

Royalist Infantry pt 3

This post covers the last of my vintage Minifigs Royalist infantry for the English Civil War, painted back in the 1970's, and a mixed lot they are indeed!

First up is a small unit of Musketeers; the idea is to use this none as a unit of Firelock/Train guard.  Why yellow coats - because none of my other Royalist units wear them, why else?  :-)

Another shot of the Firelocks; I rather like the combination of colors.

The "Twelve Apostles" on the bandoleers in red sets off the rest of the unit's dress nicely, I think.

Another small unit, this time of Halberdiers. These weren't used much in the English Civil war, but I like the figures anyway.

The style of these is a bit different, and I think they may come from the earlier part of the Minifigs range.

The color scheme used is similar to that of the Firelocks, which was intentional so that I can combine them into a small "pike" and shot unit if desired. Actually, the Halberdiers were painted many years before the Firelocks! This view shows how the India ink "black lining" really improves the look of the figures.

Next up is the Regiment of Foote of  Sir Thomas Blackwell (sometimes called Blackwall). This unit was raised from the Newark area and was relatively small; thus my miniature version is smaller (24 figures) than my standard Pike and Shot units (40). Actually,. this was merely a happy coincidence. :-)

The unit is known to have worn black coats. At the time that I painted the unit, I had no information about their flags, so I went with a standard design. It turns out that we do know the design of the units flags, and they were white with black hunting dogs as the differencing symbol - rather unique!

Another view of Sir Thomas Blackwell's Regiment, another ECW unit which has a re-enactor website where the proper flag can be seen, along with more pictures in their gallery.

Finally, we have some scruffy looking Scots swordsmen. 

Just the thing to come howling out of the hills in the dead of the night, steeling women and abusing sheep... or was it the other way around? 

Actually, I think these are supposed to be Lowland swordsmen, in which case they might more properly belong in the Parliamentary ranks. And for my Scottish readers, no, I hae nottin agin ye; indeed, I have a good Scotts last name - Anderson!

Long Live the King!



  1. Something quaint and attractive about Minifigs figures. Must just be nostalgia...........

    1. Thanks, Gary.

      While they lack some of the detail (folds in the clothing in particular) of modern figures, they have clean lines, and as noted previously, I think these ECW figures in particular were among their best.

  2. Nice old school figures, I like the black coated, Thomas Blackwell regt!

    1. Thanks, Ray. If I'd known about the dogs on the flags I would have used them, as we are big Dog peiople!

  3. Got to love old school. I had chance a couple of weeks ago to take a look at just some of the minifigs molds. They were racked up in their thousands!


    1. Are they still in use, Ian? I still recall our trip to Minifigs USA in 1973-4; bins of figures from floor to ceiling, in row upon row!

  4. Splendid minifigs well painted.Thanks for sharing them with us.
    best wishes

  5. Very nice minis, colorful and great!

    1. Thanks, Phil; probably a bit too colorful, uniform, and well equipped compared to reality, but a nicer splash on the tabletop that way!