Monday, February 17, 2014

Assyrian Command Figures... etc

I have found that finding a sufficient number and variety of figures to act as Leaders for my Ancient armies can be challenging. Fortunately, in the case of the Assyrians, Eureka makes quite a variety of figures suitable for this purpose. Similarly, some suitable table dressing for the Assyrians is not nearly as easily found as it is for, say the Egyptians Greeks, or Romans. Fortunately, a number of years ago I came across some resin figures of the winged bulls, called shedu or lamassu that were typically seen as guardians of Assyrian palaces.

2 shedu and a dozen command figures; all but the Assyrian King (wearing white and mounted on a square base) are by Eureka; the King is by Minifigs.

The Eureka command figures include 2 Princes, 1 Priest, 4 officers pointing, 2 holding  their axes forward, and 2 holding severed heads ("to encourage the others"?).

Although we tend to think of ancient statuary in its pristine state, almost all were painted, as in the two large shedu seen here. 

This rear shot shows the long, fish like headdress of the Priest.

A final view of the command group from above.

Here's my entire Assyrian Army laid out, deployed for battle, as seen from their right flank.

A more long range view

and another!

Looking from the left flank this time.

This shot shows the pictures were taken outdoors; natural light always works better, but it seems the pictures come out best on an overcast day, or early in the morning or late afternoon, to avoid shadows (and lengthen exposure time).

Close up of the Cavalry on the left wing.

Close up of the left flank infantry.

and the left center infantry

and the center infantry

the right center infantry

the right flank infantry

and the chariots on the right flank.

Close ups from the right of the Chariots

and infantry on the right.

Close up of the Cavalry from the left

and the infantry of the left.

Finally, a close up of the reserves  - the "Pioneers" with 2 handed maces, and the Royal Guards or Quradu, plus Army Command!  The whole army has 312 figures divided among 20 units, plus command.

A pair of  shedu on display at (?) the Louvre; they are over 12 feet tall.


  1. Very impressive army. As always I'm tempted to plunge into a new period after seeing something like this.

    1. Thanks!
      Happy to do my part to support the Manufacturer's guild! :-)

  2. Really impressive when arrayed in all their splendour especially those chariots.

    1. Thanks, Garry. I suspect exactly that "shock and awe" effect of massed chariots was responsible for much of their effectiveness as well!

  3. What a great looking army, lots of colour


    1. Thanks, Ian. They are probably my favorite among my Ancient armies.

  4. Excellent looking army, love the atmosphere with the pillars...and glad to see the last picture, they are really impressive at Le Louvre...

    1. Thanks, Phil!
      I hope to see them, and a lot more, when I at last make it to Paris... eventually!

    2. You can't be disappointed!

    3. No, I think not. :-)
      I have been in France only once, way back in May, 1974 at age 19, on tour with the band in college. We played in Lyon and Nice, toured Grenoble. I look forward to returning, perhaps towards the end of this decade.

  5. Very, very impressive! And you've got the Cherubim statues too! Awesome army. Dean

  6. That is a nice army; well done. I like the two infantry units with the very tall shields.

  7. Thanks, Mike. The tall cane shields were really only bused for sieges, but they are so "Assyrian", I had to have them!