Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dogged Prussian Napoleonic Generals

With plans to do Ligny and Waterloo in 2015, I need to add some more generals to my stable of Prussian commanders. I already have a stand for Feldmarschal von Blucher, plus Corps Commanders for von Kleist and von Thielman, plus "Brigade" commanders for von Roder, von Lehrman, Prinz Friedrich August von Preussen, Ziethen, von Klux and von Braun (ironically, an artillery officer; ? any relation to Wernher). These new additions will be used for Corps Commanders von Bulow and Pirch I, and brigade commanders von Kraft and von Tippleskirch  (hmm, does hie tipple Kirsch?).

First up is this rather Aryan looking fellow, accompanied by an infantryman and his schnauzer dog.

Old Glory figures; the dog is from the recently sold Mega Miniatures line. Being a "dog prson", I got a bunch of their dog models before they sold their molds last year. 

He wears the silver and black sash common to all Prussian officers. 

I think the colors came out very nicely on this vignette. These pictures were taken outdoors yesterday; my wife and I were about to head out to the gym lsate afternoon, when the sky became overcast - just the right light I liki to take my pictures in! My wife, fairly patiently, let me spend the ten minutes I needed to go outside (28 degrees, foot of snow plus on the ground!), and take these pictures! e have an outdoor spa (which we happily used on return form the gym), and the large flat cover of that is perfect for taking outdoor pictures (wUsyually with one of my felt table covers draped over it, as in this case).

Next up is this fellow wearing the bicorn and white plume allowed for the dress uniform. 

He could be an infantry or cavalry officer. 

It took several coats to get the red to come out bright like this, but I think it was worth it. 

The orange flowers are by Silflor. 

This Corps command stand has an infantry general wearing his cape and undress uniform.

and a cavalry general or aide (blue cap) wearing the uniform of his regiment, Hussar Regiment #6, "2nd Silesian".

A rather dashing looking duo, eh?

I think I'll use this base for von Bulow....

Here's a final Brigade commander, with his dog accompanying him. 

The crimson collar and cuffs mark him as an officer of the General Staff, perhaps detailed for temporary command of a Brigade. 

Like all Prussian general officers, his horse has a black sheepskin saddle cover with a silver star in the corner.

His dog bears a not entirely coincidental resemblance to our 6 month old Golden Retriever, Zoe. 

A tired dog is a good dog!  :-)


  1. You've done a great job with these stands! My favourite is the first one...Love the paintjob, the poses, the dogs...and the last picture!

  2. Thanks, Phil; I was happy with how they came out. And dogs are always good! :-)

  3. Prussians my favs look forward to seeing more of these :-)

  4. I have a unit each of Perry Prussian Uhlans and Hussars nearing completion, Garry! I also "found" enough spare OG figures for another unit of Landwehr...

  5. Nice work. I think the dogs look great and add real character.

    1. Thanks! I have quite a few more pooches, but I don't want to overdo it. A few of my French, Austrian ,and eventual British commander stands will gets some canine additions; somehow I don't see them going with the Russian generals, though.

  6. Great looking command stands! Very understanding of your wife to indulge you in snapping the perfect set of photos.

    Nice job!!

    1. Thanks, Jon! Yep, she puts up with a lot. It only took less than 10 minutes to snap the shots, so it wasn't too much of a delay.

      One of our old friends and my patients passed away last week at the age of 90. He served with the OSS in WW2; among many other things he was an award winning photographer; Unfortunately, I never had a chance to work with him on improving my mediocre photography of miniatures. . At his funeral, the minister's closing words were along the line of " be on the lookout for those times when the light is just right, and when it is, take all the pictures you can". He meant it metaphorically, of course, rather than literally.

    2. Very insightful closing comments. That is an adage I must remember. Thank you!

  7. Good looking commanders for the Prussians you've painted!

    1. Thanks, Joe. Gradually gearing up for Ligny and Waterloo!

  8. Lovely Peter. It seems that everyman and his dog was in the Prussian army by 1815 then?!
    C'mon, it's almost as good as the tipple of kirsch... almost!

  9. They look great, Peter. I ordered five packs of the Westafalia doggies last year for exactly the same purpose. I'd hesitate to say "great minds", but...

    I love the recounting of the minister's words from your late patient's funeral, by the way.

  10. Thanks, Lawrence! It is alt least canophile (is that a word?) minds think alike, eh?

    I agree re; the minister's words, sort of a photographic metaphor for carpe diem!