Sunday, December 13, 2015

Galley with me a while longer

    I thought I'd wrap up this series by putting all the ships on the table> I plan to run a game(s) with them at Historicon this July, and need to do a major revamp of the rules I use before that, but that's a project for 2016. I am strongly favoring an adaption of To The Strongest, at least for the movement portion of the game if not the combat. To the Saltiest?
Anyway, here's the whole collection set out on the table.

The pile of deris represents a destroyed ship!

Another ship is "on fire" - very dangerous!

This is how we show a Boarding action - a new meaning to "walking the plank!"

The Cog and Nef are trying to stay out of the fray.

They do at least have a strong escort.

The Galleas looks to get its guns in action. 

I've never actually done a count of all the crew figures I have, so I laid them all out by type.

The Ottomans/Turks - 8 stands of Jannisaries, 12 stands of Archers

6 stands of Swordsmen, 2 stands of Spearmen, 2 more stands of archers with different style basing and painting - probably need to be redone, Admiral stand and slave girl (!)

8 "Captains", and 18 assorted "crew" figures: 94 figures in all. 

Similarly, here are the all of the Christian" forces laid out.

8 stands of Crossbowmen, 13 stands of Arquebusiers

5 stands of Swordsmen, 12 "captain" type figures. 16 "crew" figures

1 Admiral stand and 6 Pike/Polearm stands:   99 figures in total. 

As you can see, I still have a few more 15mm figures I could add to the "Christian" forces.

Looks to be about 27 Arquebusiers, 8 Swordsmen, 2 Crossbowmen, and a standard bearer. I think I will need some additional "crew" figures (usually drafted from Artillery Crew packs). We'll see once I figure out the more or less final form of the rules. 


  1. Quite a nice collection, Peter. How easy will it be transport the whole lot on a road trip to Historicon?

  2. Because almost all of the Masts are removable. it's actually pretty easy. Naval battles are also fast to set up and require minimal terrain. The key issue is making sure I don't have too much stuff to bring for other games that I run!

  3. Still like the effect for the oars.

  4. A very impressive sight Peter, and it should hopefully attract a fair bit of interest at Historicon.

    1. Thanks, Lawrence. The ships are pretty dramatic looking. and the subject is a bit off the beaten path, so hopefully so!

  5. Look great all together, two very impressive fleets are you going to do harbours and/or fortifications?
    Best Iain

    1. I have used =the Keep of my 25mm Gallia castle as a fortress for a few scenarios, and I can (and have) used Geo Hex for coastlines and islands, so I'm pretty set. I have a an old resin "wooden" low railroad bridge with pilings, which will look pretty much like a pier with the rails shaved down and the far ramp left off, and have long planned to use that as a dock. So, I'm pretty set!