Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1809 Snappy Nappy Campaign in Inner Austria: Tailwinds

Fortified by some Pizza and related comestibles, the Napoleonic campaigning action at The Portal continues...

Frimont's tattered remnants retreating to the Villach table from Tarvis.

it seems likely that Pacthod, Sahuc, and Durutte will not be far behind him, though, as their iorst elements prepare to leave Tarvis as well.

Jim (Fontanelli) prepares to leave the Isonzo table, too. 

At Laibach, Hadik has appeared in the rear of Marmont...but there is a French Division waiting to enter after him! 

Austrian garrison at Judenburg. It has been quiet on the table since the start of the game.

But not much longer iot seems, as a French Division prepares to enter!

MacDonald appears to be retiring to Innsbruck to lick his wounds... but Colooredo seems uninterested in pursuing him closely. 

Franco-Italaian forces marching on the Tarvis table. 

Traffic Jam at Laibach, with two of the three French Commands from the Isonzo waiting to enter, one after the other, once Hadik  (Kaz)comes onto the table. 

"All; quiet on the Klagenfurt Front, your Excellency!" A Gyulai and I are execting french attackers from the two roads to the right f the picture; our reserves (Mescery)  at Marburg can be called upon to enter from the road at the top of the picture. 

Division Rusca preparing to enter the table  at ? Judenburg. 

Erzherzog John rides up to Klangenfurt  for a conference, bringing meager reinforcements - a single Landwher infantry regiment. Seriously?

A peaceful, empty table at Tarvis - something not seen since the first minutes of the game!

Mac Donald is still withdrawing his troops towards Salzburg, while Coloredo's remnants, bolstered by the Hungarian Insurrectio look on. 

I think the big Orc in the corner must have been saying something to gGreg, Russ, and Mark, beracuse I have no idea what else they'd be looking at!

At Laibach, Hadik has moved on to the table, making room for Pully's dragoon division (Jim) to enter next!

Now who's the filling in the sandwich?

Albert Gyulai and Jellacic continue their vigil at Klagenfutt. we hope all the tiome that Frimont has bought will be paid back in the form of additional reinforcements form the local Landwehr units still forming. 

Sahuc's light cavalry trots towards Judenburg...and [perhaps Klagenfurt beyond.

MacDonalds forces start to arrive at the relatoive safety of the Inssbruck table. Watch out for the Tyrolean resistance, Mac!

All of MacDonald's Division have made it to Inssbruck, where they rest, rally and reorganize. Question for future events... perhaps the first morale step loss (down from "Bold") should not be recoverable in the campaign context (except, as usual, by causing a Routed result in Melee)?

Not finished with delaying the Froggies, Frimomnt sets up to defend the exit road from Villach  to Klagenfurt!

Pully's Dragoons have entered the fray at Laibach.

Mescery sends some of his troops to bolster the Austrian defenses at Judenburg!

French troops pour onto the Villach table, planning to sweep the garrison, this time composed of stern Austrian Regulars, aside. 

Mac Donald's command deploys guarding the road from Salzburg, anticipating a hot pursuit. In the event, it never materialized. 

Coloredo, instead, has orders for Erzherzog Johann to march for Klagenfurt!

Austrian reserves at Marburg, guarding the LOC to Graz as well. 

The French Juggernaut deploying at Laibach. 

Developing cavalry action at Judenburg; unfortunately, almost all of the Austrian troops are Insurrectio, not known for their combat worthiness!

Coloredo's troops arriving from Salzburg.

Sahuc's (Caleb) horse battery has finally blasted the Landwehr garrison of Judenburg to smithereens,as Mescery's (Marty) troopers look on. 

Let's play "ring around the Hill!"

Colooredo's remnants, bolstered by Josef's Insurrectio troops, arrive at Marburg. 

"They left the Message Writing Phase out of the turn sequence!" Colredo pens a brief note to keep his fellow Austrian commanders posted.

"Yon Pully has a lean and hungry look!"

Just to show that we weren't the only game(s) in town on a Sunday afternoon at The Portal, here is the main gaming room. 

A view of the Miniatures Gaming room. where the event was played, from the window in the main room. 

At the far right lower corner, the vanguard of Frimont's muid, grime, and blood spattered survivors is arriving on the Klagenfurt table from Villach; surely the French must be coming soon as well!

Sahuc and Mescery play cat and mouse at Judenburg, while Dan and Karl provide rules assistance, and perhaps some tactical advice.

That Austrian regiment garrisoning Villach isn't going down easily!

Guess who's coming to Dinner?  Our old freind MacDaonald! Rallied and rested, he re enters the Salzburg table to find Coloredo long gone. 

Ongoing fighting at Judenburg. 

The Insurectio cavalry charges a French Horse battery. 2 shots needing a 4+ to hit, and then the Insurrectio must save rolling 8+ for each hit. I have a bad feeling about this...

Caleb experiences the pleasures of wining the dread "double move!"

The Austrians are well into the Lion's Den at Laibach. 

Austrian reserves at Marburg... with an unread message (the face down piece of paper) awaiting Mescery!


  1. Following this with great interest. A great set of rules, and looking at the big picture, you can really see the scope of the campaign developing. Great reports sir!

    1. Glad you're enjoying them, and thanks for the kind comment!

  2. This undertaking is a marvel, Peter. Was everyone completely spent after a day of musical tables!

    1. Of course my last sentence was a question not an exclamation!

    2. I think it depends. Players drove from as far away as 3 hrs for a 10 AM start, In my case, my guys saw a bit of combat at the very start, and some at the every end, and I was pretty much waiting in reserve for 2-3 hrs. That wasn't an issue to me, as I used the time to take almost 200 photos, and Karl used it to help[the new player wit the rules. If you were in almost non stop combat, that's tiring. If you were Russ and Dan who drove up form NJ on Saturday, set up tables Sat night, and drove back to NJ that night, I bet you'd be bushed!

  3. Seems to be my morning read vs. the internet news. So.... who is winning?