Thursday, June 22, 2017

III Romans

Next in the Imperial Roman series is this unit of Legionaries, wearing the lorica segmenata, which we tend to think of as the classic look for these troops.  This is probably more courtesy of Hollywood than history, but it is distinctive!

Oops, missed some brass on that front left shield; since corrected! I opted against painting or using shield transfers for the complex "wings and lightening bolts" designs that were commonly used in this era, in part because I just couldn't be bothered, in part because I actually think the plain shield looks better, and in part because these troops are designed as part of my Palmyran forces, so they may not have retained those symbols of Rome.

Regardless, they are still an imposing sight!

"Gladius drawn and at the ready!"  These are 28mm Black Tree Designs figures once again. 

Supposedly, the chief  advantage of the lorica segmentata was it s considerably lower weight than chain mail; the disadvantage was higher maintenance needs and cost. Believe it or not, you can buy a set on Amazon for under $200!


  1. Good looking, classical Hollywood Romans, Peter! I suggest you show up at Historicon wearing the latest in Lorica Segmentata!

    I have an order into BTD from one of their recent sales. After nearly three weeks of inactivity, I received an email today saying the package shipped. Yippee! You know, this is my first figure order since February. Can you believe it?

    1. My usual Historicon uniform (for Frericksburg in July = temps high 90's to 100's) is sandals, shorts, polo shirt and cap - the sandals will be the only ting vaguely Romanesque that I'll be wearing! :-)

      BTD can take a while to ship, as you know better than I, but they always delver.

      Do I detect some restraint in the Lead Pile Control Division? :-)

      So far it looks like I will be way over budget for 2017, driven as usual by Historicon plans!

    2. For me, unnatural restraint but the year is still young...

    3. Ah yes, there are still 6 months left to blow the budget! :-)

  2. Wow Peter, new job or no you are still a 'machine'!
    A set of lorica segmentata would be a fine piece of 'clothing' to wear for my next game as protection against low flying dice! Wait a minute, it's me who is throwing them...!!

    Just joking, of course, although I do threaten to ditch them, dispose of them or burn them quite often; along with the losing troops! Of course, it is the 'loser' commander who is really to blame... :)

    1. Thanks, James. I have 48 infantry and 30 cavalry still to go in the next 2.5 weeks; they are about half done.