Friday, June 30, 2017

Paladins of Palmyra

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Romans for a special Bulletin from the City of the Palms...

The first of many new Palmyran units promenades off the painting table!

These are Regular archers raised from among the citizenry of the city. I have assumed their dress to be similar to that of the Palmyran Regular light cavalry, as described by Phil Barker, namely blue-green tunics with maroon pants and maroon bands at the collars and cuffs. 

These are 28mm Old Glory figures. 

The officer is in reversed colors, per Barker - very Napoleonic, eh?!


  1. Peter, you are on fire at the painting desk!
    What time period would these archers be suitable!

    Reversed officers colors? You crack me up!

    1. Palmyra's time in the limelight (see my post from a year or two ago: was rather brief, 252 - 273 AD, although they are probably usuable for a few decades before that, and [perhaps subsequently for a few decades as allied troops.
      The "reversed colors" for the officers, although not cited in exactly that fashion, is strictly Cannon per Mr. Barker!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Phil. Not the most elegant of troops, but they'll do!

  3. Palmyra! Better take all the Aces out of the deck. ;-) Very nice

    1. I could just add them to the Sassanid deck! :-)