Thursday, July 28, 2022

Historicon 2022: Selected Table shots

Between running 4 games of my own and providing some troops, terrain, and moral support to the five (well, it wound up being six, actually!) Wars of the Roses games using Test of Resolve run by Tim and David, I had less time to tour the rest of the show than usual. This is one of the 4 tables making up the event that impressed me the most. 

Table #2

Indian village and Pueblo town on table #3!

Mining operations on Table #4

"Have Gun, will Travel", one of two game run on this great terrain!

"The Rules with No Name"

Muchos amigos j

Yep, there was that time me and Lefty got trapped that 'ol mine down by Bear Creek..."

Test of Honor Samuari mega game returns, with even more stuff on the table!

A man after my own heart - lots of 25 mm Napoleonics on the table!

Then Middle East, in the well lit foyer of the Heritage hall. Lighting was less than great in some areas, especially including the table in the Federal room where I ran all 4 of my games! 

Modern warfare in the desert.

The scatter material looks good, but it must be a mess to clean up!

Computer moderated Napoleonics with Carnage and Glory. 
Personally, the last thing I want is a computer in my tabletop wargames, but to each their own!

Simple but effective terrain.

Man, that's one big die!  Is someone overcompensating for something?
Nice looking table!

C&G Napoleonics in ? Russia. 

ACW game with an attractive table. 

Another computer moderated game.

Lots of buildings on the waterfront in the Middle East. 

Pretty young crowd at this game!

Giant Hex map with minis!

Setting up the city walls.

Later, the game underway!

Lots of 25mm Napoleonics on some custom terrain that I recognize from November. 

Now THAT's a BIG table!

Hail, hail, the Gangs are all here!

Somewhere in Italy...

Long time Historicon freind, John Mumby in the right foreground, and with no woods in sight! 
This is the first time in many years that he wasn't accompanied by his fellow gamer from Denver, Terry Schockley, who sadly succumbed to complications of cancer earlier this year after a long battle. 

"mark's Game Room"; love the poster!

Lovely terrain, not too many troops. 

Set up for a giant Battle Master game.

Close up of Same. 

Judging by the garb, a Little Wars TV sponsored game. 

Leonardo, the Borgias, and company!

Another very handsomely done table!

The remaining shots are of games run by other HMGS Next Gen GM's, in or outside the Federal Room. 

Some kind of modern game; Hey, I don't do Khaki!  :-)

Catch the cool HMGS Next Gen shirts... I have mine now, too!  :-)

Now, we still need a Banner... right, John?!

Trains, Rivers, and... Gnomes!

Every body's looking for something...

"Kill the Irish!"
(Don't ask me to explain, I can't...)

Speaking of John, here he is running one of his great (and bloody) Dark Ages games. 




Ancients in 54 mm!

Get a load of that enormous 4 Horse Assyrian Chariot!

One gratuitous shot of my Caldiero 1805 game, with Field of Battle 3rd edition rules. 


  1. Fascinating to see the photos and the variety of tabletop setups and games.

    1. It is always interesting to wee what everyone is running, and I missed a lot more games than usual this year.

  2. The wild west terrain looks very good, and a nice mix of games overall.

  3. They all look like fun Peter, and I'd be happy to play in any of them.

  4. Thank you for your kind comments on my Wild West game. I think the quality of the terrain and games is definitely on the rise. There were many boards I would be proud to call my own. Congratulations to all the gamemasters. Job well done!

    1. From what I understand, the game was as fun to play as it was spectacular to look at, and THAT is saying a lot, Doug! :-)

  5. I really enjoyed playing in your Pavia game and learning "To the Strongest!" rules. Although I did pick up "Test of Resolve" for WoTR!!

    1. Thanks, Eric. You were a pleasure to have in both games. TTS! is a great set of rules, but ToR is highly WotR specific, as you know. Half of the figures you played ToR with were mine, painted the past few months just for Tim and David's game; I was also a principal playtester for the rules and scenarios, courtesy of Zoom sessions between the US and Scotland! There a several shots of you that will appear in my Pavia and ToR write ups!

  6. The game you captioned as "Then Middle East" is actually a Star Wars game. :) I played in it.

    1. Thanks for the info, Joe! How was it as a game?

  7. Nice to read you had a positive experience at Historicon, Peter, after seeing what a let down it was for John (??) at Der Alte Fritz blog.....The various tables shown do all look pretty spectacular!

    1. Yes, he was a victim of several major SNAFU's, unfortunately. Been there, done that myself, although fortunately the GM support crew always came through and we worked it out. There did seem to be an unusually high number of table assignment and other errors this year, which I am sure that Joby and company are already working at debriefing.

  8. With the missing this year's Salute and Crisis, it is nice to see the biggest US show. Lovely looking tables. However, the number of computers used for games is a little disturbing... Thanks for sharing!

    1. Despite the fact that the C&G run a lot of games, especially Napoleonic, I'd say it was less than 5% of the total. I have nothing at all against them, just not my personal preference. Ad you can see, they do some nice looking tables regardless!