Monday, May 4, 2015

Galactic Knights: Space Station!

In honor of International Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you!), it seems a good time to post this small space station I did from the Galactic Knight (ex Superior Star Fleet Wars) range.

The modular model;s are quite nice,and easily assembled.

I chose a color scheme consistent with that of my Terran ships.

The folks at MKP are supposedly working on Space Station rules to go with the other rules modules in Galactic Knights. 

Hopefully that supplement will also include rules for the Galactic Transports that lack them at present (most races), and also rules for generic freighters/tankers for use in Convoy type scenarios. 

I liked the Space Station well enough that I went a bit into Deep Space buying parts for more larger installations.
and more parts...

and more!

One of theses rings forms the core of the Station at the head of this post

But they can be linked together with the junctions above to make stations with multiple rings

Looking a bit like our diagrams of  polycyclic carbon compounds!

Then there's this kind of cool piece

that takes an extra heavy weapons platform

sort of like a Death Star!

Resin cast Havocs, which are the Entomalian version of the Galactic Transport.

Will tells me they w\ere having trouble casting them well in metal, hence the use of Resin.
"I feel a strange disthurbance in the Fourth..."

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