Thursday, March 1, 2012

Starfleet Wars: Carnivoran Ships Part 1

The next fleet in my collection from the Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights range is the Space Navy of the Carnivoran Republic. The original Starfleet Wars background describes them as "a race of vicious barbarians", while later materials clarify their Feline characteristics; think Kzin and similar.

Here is a squadron of  seven "Cheetah" Class Stellar destroyers (SD).

These are the Starfleet Wars Stats for these Carnivoran SD's:
Power    Max Beam    Max Shield   CIDS Factor    Attack Craft    PW Factor  PW reloads
   30              2                  2                 16%                     0                4                  10

As you can see, in comparison with the Terrans and Avarians, the Carnivoran ships place an emphasis on the short range Particle Weapons; these ignore the effects of enemy shields.

The underside of a Cheetah class SD, displaying the detail on the underside that is characteristic of this range.

Next up is a quartet of "Puma" class Carnivoran Stellar Destroyer Leaders" (SDL).

These SDL class of ships were a relatively late addition to the SFW range, the stats being  found only in the supplemental "Observer's Directory and Identification Manual" also issued late in the history of the range.

Here are the stats for the Carnivoran Puma class SDL:
Power    Max Beam    Max Shield   CIDS Factor    Attack Craft    PW Factor  PW reloads
   38               3                  3                 25%                  0                   4                 12

These SDL's are intermediate between the Stellar Destroyers (SD) and Stellar Cruisers (SC); they might perhaps just as well be termed Light Cruisers (CL). 

View of the underside of a Puma SDL; as you can see, for the Carnivorans I have chosen a black hull highlighted with bright red and then additional items shades of  dark red, purple and orange; as with the other Starfleets, each ship in the class has its own unique "facing color" to distinguish it from its sister ships. 

Coming next to a Galaxy Near You is this group of "Panther" class Carnivoran Stellar Cruisers (SC). Therse are another step up in size and firepower, but are still not considered Capital ships.

The stats for these Carnivoran Panther class SC's are:
Power    Max Beam    Max Shield   CIDS Factor    Attack Craft    PW Factor  PW reloads
   57             4                    6                  25%                  0                  4                 10

It is definitely best not to let these "kitties" get too close to you; better to pick them off with long range beam fire and stay out of range of their devastating heavy Particle weapon salvos!

Recognizing that this is the preferred, counter to their close range tactics, though, the Carnivorans have developed the "Energy Damping Beam"  technology, which allows them to partially neutralize an enemy's long range fire, and force them into close range action, where the superior Particle Weapon capability of the Carnivoran ships usually proves decisive!

Here's an underside view of a Panther class Stellar Cruiser.

Finally, a few odds and ends: two Carnivoran "Cub" class Galactic Transports (GTP), and a space station form another line painted in Carnivoran colors.

The Transports are limited to a maximum speed of "4", unlike military ships which have a top speed of "5".

Here are the stats for the Carnivoran Cub class GTP:
Power    Max Beam    Max Shield   CIDS Factor    Attack Craft    PW Factor  PW reloads
   19              1                   0                  9%                    0                    2                 2

The "Observer's Directory" also gives stats for a Carnivoran Rat class Space Station (SS):
Power    Max Beam    Max Shield   CIDS Factor    Attack Craft    PW Factor  PW reloads
    83              2                  4                20%                     0                 4                 12

These space stations have a maximum speed of only "1", and obviously are not capable of FTL drive, either. As far as I know, the Rat class SS model was never released (the dame being true for the Avarian and Aquarian Space stations, the Egg and Wave class SS's, respectively.

As a side note, I now have a copy of the "Galactic Knights" rules, with the "Entomolian Invasion" (I prefer and use the original SFW spelling, "Entomalian") and "Carnivoran Republic Star Forces" supplements; hopefully GK will produce the final supplement covering the Aquarians; more about those rules in anpther post, as I am still digesting them. The GK take on the distinguishing features of the various factors, and indeed the background material is, not surprisingly, somewhat different. I got my copies (along with a "Nest" SS and a Terran Battlestation to add to my collection) from The Panzer Depot; they have the rules for sale at a roughly 20% discount, so really quite reasonable price for the three books combined. Their service was excellent; I received the items within three days of placing the order online!



  1. Have checked and re-checked but cant find any mention of this battle or these nations in Chandlers 'Campaigns of Napoleon' in 1809 or any other year :-)

    What 'scale' are the models ? 1/285th-ish ?


    1. Well, Gary, you *know* Chandler only covered Naval affairs superficially...

      Supposedly the models are 1:1200, so a SD, which is roughly 40mm in longest and wisest dimensions, would be roughly 50 meters long and wide at the extremes.

  2. Nice photos of the ships! I just got the new basic rules from MKP as well as the Aquarian fleet. Not as big as yours, but a start (5 DD, 1 DDL, 5 Cruisers, 3 transports, a BC and an attack carrier. Oh, yeah, 5 SB's 10 each type fighter.

    Thanks for heads up on Panzer depot, have to look at SS models.

  3. I am looking for a Superior Models Polecat SGD. I am willing to trade an unpainted superior models Jaguar GD and Behemoth AC for it. I am also looking to to trade another unpainted superior models Jauguar GD for other superior models lighter class ships.