Sunday, March 25, 2012

Starfleet Wars: Carnivoran Ships, Part 3

This is the final installment covering the Starfleet of the Carnivoran Republic, as set forth in the original "Starfleet Wars rules". As noted previously, this line of ships is in production once again as the Galactic Knights range, with its own new rules set to go with the new name. More about Galactic Knights another time!

Here is a squadron of Carnivoran "Snarl" class Starbombers; for a fleet that specializes in the close up, punch through attack of Particle weapons, having Starbombers might almost seem a bit redundant!

This squadron certainly looks like it means business. Unfortunately, the Starbombers are as vulnerable as they are dangerous; this makes them high priority targets.

Here are the stats for the Carnivoran Snarl class SB:
Power         Light Laser Factors         Particle Weapon  Factor      PW reloads
N/A                       6                                        6                                   12

A Starbomber is destroyed by a single hit by an offensive beam, factor or particcle weapon, or 4 hits by light lasers and/or CIDS factors. 

The underside of a Snarl class Starbomber.

Next up is a squadrom of six "Kitten" class Star Armored Pursuit Ships (SAPS). 

The SAPS are similar to the Starbombers in terms of the number of his it takes to destroy one, but SAPS generally mount a large number of Light :Laser factors, and little else. 

Here are the stats for the Carnivoran Kitten class SAPS:
Power           Light Laser Factors                    Particle Weapon  Factor           PW reloads
N/A                       8                                                       0                                   0                   

This squadron of SAPS is in pursuit of its habitual prey; enemy Attack Craft (aka fighters)!

Underside detail of a Carnivoran Kitten SAPS.

Two groups of Carnivoran Bobcat light attack craft (fighters).

These light fighters are armed primarily with light lasers for anti-fighter (and Starbomber/SAPS) combat.

These are five groups Carnivoran of Leopard  class heavy fighters.

Each heavy fighter is armed with a single particle weapon, making them dangerous to Capital ships, especially in large numbers.

"By Your Command?!"

This spread of missiles are Carnivoran Fang CAPTACS.

CAPTACS are "Captive Towed Tactical Missiles".  They are towed by ships using their tractor beams, two missiles by one ship with one tractor beam max, and then released and fired.

CAPTACS are vulnerable to CIDS as well as fire by fighters and other light lasers, but if hey strike their target they do an immense 40 points of damage, and an automatic roll on the Special Damage table must also be made. Obviously, timing is everything when using these engines of destruction!

This concludes the posts on the Star Navy of the Carnivoran Republic. There will be follow up posts on my Entomalian Fleet, but those will probably be just a single class at a time, as I still have much painting to do on them. Finally, my good friend Joe has just begun the process of collecting his Aquarian Starfleet, with the first posts already added to his blog. We can also expect some rules posts and battle reports in the not too distant future. 

"Sir!  Sensors show multiple blips headed straight for us. Engine signatures indicate a large task force of those damned Kitties... we can let them get too close to us too quickly..."



  1. If the fleets cause you trouble, remember these words - "Hoch und Deutschmeister."

    1. Are you trying to tell me I need a white ship with Light Blue "facings"? :-)