Friday, June 1, 2012

Russian Napoleonic Generals

    The scope of our Borodino project means that we need generals for both sides at the Division, Corps, and Army level. I have plenty of French generals from previous large battles such as Wagram, etc, but I figured I'd need at least TWENTY more Russian generals! Now, Perry miniatures have literally just released their excellent set of Russian High Command, but this project was planned out over 2 years ago, and the clear choice to get that many Russian generals in 25/28mm scale at a reasonable cost and with some variety had to be to go with Old Glory. So all three OG Russian General sets were ordered - High Command (6), Russian Cavalry Generals (6), and generic Russian Generals. I added to that 4 surplus OG Russian Hussar command figures to use as aides, and a couple of Falcon Figures Russian commanders, and had enough lead for the project!

Left to Right:  Bennisgsen, Barclay de Tolly, and Prince Pyotyr Bagration.
The aides are in the uniforms of officers of some of the Hussar regiments I haven't already built as units.

Side view; each of these Russian Generals commanded a Russian Army at one time or another. 

Rear view; I used the darker :Magic Wash" formula on all of these, except for officers mounted on white horses, who got the lighter Magic Wash formula. They came out even better looking than the pictures!

The next group, Left to Right is composed of:  1) a generic Cavalry Corps Commander (accompanied by a Trumpet-major - the plume has the white tip of an NCO, and the pelisse the brown NCO fur as well), 2) Count Markov, commanding the Moscow Opolchenie at Moscow (with left over Falcon Figures Opolchnie dressing up his base), and 3) Kutusov with a mounted colonel (both of these two are Falcon Figures as well).

Right Side view; the Opolchenie flag is from Rafael Pardo's site. I've used some Silflor "tufts" and flowers to dress up the bases a bit... not sure they're quite the way I want them yet.

 Left side view of the same grouping; the feather plumes with white on the top and black and orange feathers on the bottom was characteristic of Russian Generals of this era.

Rear view; For our purposes, Corps and Army generals have bases with two figures per stand, while Divisional commanders have a single command figure on each base. 

Left to Right:  1) Platov, the famous Cossack Hetman, 2) generic Russian Cuirasier general (wearing the uniform of his own Regiment), and 3) generic Russian ? Dragoon general.  All by Old Glory.

I have painted Platov in a Dark blue Cossack kaftan with light blue facings, the color of the Ataman (Platov's own) regiment. He carries a massive bronze mace!

A rear view of the these three Russian cavaliers!

What the well dressed Russian officer will be wearing this winter; greatcoats and furs are said to be very much in vogue!  They should look wonderful in camp or a day trip to the river Beresina!  :-)

The far figure is Old Glory's version of  Kutusov; as I have two other "Kutusovs", here he's just a generic Russian general in overcoat and forage cap. He doesn't look like he'd look that out of place in the Red Army, does he?

Rear view; the combination of shading with paint and the Magic Wash worked especially well on the great coats, I think.

A quartet of generic Russian generals by Old Glory; I'm especially pleased with how the rather intricate plumage on the fore and aft hats came out. 

I like the variety of poses/actions of these OG figures - The first one is leading with the sword (taking a leaf from my Australian e-friend Steve OC, I've done most of these swords using Vallejo "Oil Steel" instead of my usual silver paint, and I think it looks much more like a sword in the steel color!0, the second in the inevitable "pointing" mode (didn't your mother tell you it's rude to point?), the third using a copper telescope to study the enemy (the lens is painted a very pale blue, which works well to represent glass), and the last one touching his hat, presumably in acknowledgement of a cheer by his troops!

Here they are from the other side; I used a variety of different hair colors on these high ranking officers.

A final view of our Russian generals as they do their varied things!

A final trio of Russian general officers; the figure on the left is Old Glory's take on Tsar Alexander I.

Either the weather is very warm today, or bare heads are in style this year at the Russian court!

"My hat's off to you, brave lads!"...all Old Glory figures once again.

Riding off into the ? sunset, as I make preparations for our Maloyaroslavets playtest game on Sunday. 

I am now down to 2 Russian Jager units and a somewhat uncertain number of Russian foot artillery batteries to complete by Historicon (July18th); I may be basing them in Virginia (not the first time for that, LOL), but I plan to be ready with all of them!

До свидания до следующий раз!
(Goodbye until next time)



  1. Great job Peter! I also have two battalions to go (discovered I was 'one short' of the jagers I'm committed to produce). I will have 10 batteries ready for the game, now awaiting a pack of 12 pounder and crew from Warstore to get the last battery, in 1809 shakos by the Perry Mins.

    I'll also have the Perry High Command set painted, so we even will have Kutusov as he probably was....on foot (or more likely seated) for the battle.

    If I get these done in the next week or so, I might try to get the newest set, the ambulance and bearers set and paint it up in time for the game.

    1. On my "to do list" is to check and make sure exactly what I have left to do to be certain there are no surprises; sounds like we'll have enough Russian guns and commanders, maybe even a surplus with the latest Perry additions.

      The ambulance would be useful for when Dave M's commanders bite the proverbial dust!

  2. Some excellent painting, very colourful figures!!

    1. Thanks, Ray; the Russian general's uniforms were actually a bit "boring" compared with the rather more flamboyant French - the vast majority wore the dark green coat with red facings, much like their infantry, with heavy gold ornamentation on the collars and cuffs. Even the saddle cloths were green (or black sheepskin). The white/black/orange plumes are cool, though!

  3. Those turned out very well...I never thought to use Falcon with OG figures. They seem to work, I need to check them out. I tried the wash and it didn't work as well than yours.

    1. Falcon has a pretty extensive list of Russian infantry - their Jagers are next on my painting table. I'm still experimenting with the wash myself - I think I finally found the kind of acrylic black drawing ink the original recipe called for. At least it hasn't ruined any figures yet!

  4. A very inspiring post! My own Russian generals are usually conversions of figures with bigger shakos (made with plasticene)!
    Best regards

  5. Thanks, Rafa; I have a couple of my older Russian generals that started life as surplus Minifigs Cavalry officers with their hats made from epoxy putty, so I know well what you speak of!

  6. Those russian generals are looking very nice! Your army should be really impressive...
    My favourite : Barclay de Tolly...

    1. Thanks, Phil! I tiunk Barclay resembles a stouter Marshal Davout myself!

  7. Looking good Peter.
    I still have one a half battalions of Duchy of Warsaw line to paint, and then a Russian Battery or two and I think I'm done.
    Unfortunately I’m still waiting for my last order of Generals that I placed with Triangle Miniatures (Elite and Steve Barber figures) on FEBRUARY 29th. I went ahead and ordered more Front Rank generals last week direct from the UK, which should be here next week so I'll have all the command figures I need.

  8. Sounds like all of us "Rats" have our acts together for the final push... then I can stat planning for Dresden next year!

  9. Right! Where is my "shot from the saddle" commander figure? Somebody has to put all of those Russian infantry out of command.

    Dave M

    1. Don't know if we have a "falling wounded" Russian leader, Dave, but Joe was talking about buying one of the newly released Perry ambulances...

    2. Maybe my command figure should just be a riderless horse.

  10. A fine collection of generals. They will be busy come July.
    (Is one of your three Kutusov's sitting down and eating chicken?!)

    1. No, but I think Joe's Perry version may be... and of course Czar Barry has his own Kutusov - so that's at least FIVE Kutusovs between us. Kinda like something Blucher might have seen when he was hitting the schnaps too hard! :-)