Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: The Moving Finger writes and having writ, Moves on

nor all your piety nor wit,
Shall lure it back to cancel half a line, 
Nor all your tears blot out a word of it.

(from The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam)

A Water Clock from Ptolemaic Egypt

It is the time of year for all good wargaming bloggers to look back upon the past year's successes and failures, and look ahead to our plans for the coming year. Who am I to buck the trend?  :-)

2013 in Review

1) Painting

Young Guard Voltigeurs and Tirailleurs - 74 figures
Prussian Reserve Regiments (grey uniforms) - 60 figures
Prussian Reserve Infantry in British" style unuiforms - 30 figures
Prussian Reserve Infantry in Litewka - 30 figures
Prussian Landwehr cavalry and mounted officers - 20 figures
Prussian Artillery - 40 crew figures and 12 guns
Prussian Guard Infantry - 16 figures
Entomalian Space Ships for Galactic Knights - 8
New Kingdom Egyptians: 60 Melee infantry, 30 Archers, 9 chariots
British Line/Light Infantry - 72 figures
1 Peninsular Windmill

Total: 372 infantry, 20 cavalry, 40 crew, 12 guns, 9 chariots, 8 space ships, 1 Terrain piece; overall a pretty successful year, focused on the Napoleonic Prussians, NK Egyptians, and the start of my 1815 project. 

2) Gaming

Battle on the Piave, 1809 - Field of Battle, 2nd edition -with Barry
1813 Campaign in  Day with Snappy Nappy - with the Hartford Area Historical Gaming Society
Ancients Battle at HAVOC convention using Charlie Sweet's rules
Battle of Mockern, 1813 - at Historicon using FoB2
Battle of Dresden, 1813 - at Historicon using FoB2
Battle of Novarra, 1513 - at Historicon using my own Band of Brothers
2 Star Navy gaming sessions - with Barry, using Star Navy 5150

Just 8 games; not a great performance there! My favorites were the 1813 Campaign in a Day and Novarra.

3) Blogging

89 posts (up from 81 last year), 171 followers, over 82,00 page views this year. I am particularly proud of my lengthy series on the Danish Army of the Napoleonic Wars.

4) Publications

My "Blunders on the Danube 1809" Scenario Book for FoB is now available as a pdf as well as the existing hard copy version:  for $15, payable to Brent Oman via PayPal at brentoman@q.com .

Goals - Looking forward to 2014

1) Painting

I have about 250 more British Napoleonic infantry, 40 Artillery crew and 12 guns, and about 50 British cavalry to do for my 1815 project; I may need some more Prussians and some Anglo Al;lied troops as well once I tally up everything that  thje scenarios will require, and what others have available. will need. This doesn't have to be completed until July, 2015, however.

I have another 60 Egyptian Infantry and 7 more Chariots to paint - the urgency of that will depend upon what games I plan to run, and when/where!

I have 16 Austrian Hussars and an Austrian Cavalry battery that I don't need for any project, but I just *want* to paint up. Then there are the Tyrolean rebels...

Paint up the rest of my Entomalian Sapce ships.

I still have quite a few Landsknechts, Gendarmes, and other Renaissance/Late Medieval era cavalry that I can add to my existing forces if I feel motivated - once again, what and whether I do any of them next year that will probably be driven by what games I plan,.

2) Gaming

Try to do more!  12 games a year is a reasonable goal. We'll see! :-)

I need to settle on and plan a game for Havoc soon, but have no idea really what I want to do there!
I will probably do three games for Historicon - one will be Montmirail 1814, possibly another 1814 battle or an 1813, possibly one using Pulse of Battle Ancients rules, possibly a Renaissance galley warfare game (15mm ships).
I also need to plan one for Ellis Con in the Fall, too.
Get in at least a game of two with the HAHGS guys, and drag Barry, etc to the wargames table more often!

3) Blogging

No major goals there - just continue posting regularly. I don't think I can do much more than I have done this year without it diverting time from other aspects of my hobby and non hobby life! I am considering using the "Napoleonic Troops" page to index all the uniform/flag information that I have posted., or maybe using an entirely new page for that.

4) Publications

Nothing planned, but I might consider a Reaniassance variant for Pulse of Battl;e and or Die Fuighting! I do want to copmplete my ideas for adapting the capaign system from Star Navy 5150 to the Galactic Knights rules, although that wouldn't be a published product. 


  1. Both impressive and ambitious! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, bar the unforseen, I should be able to do most of it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Rafa, and the same to you:
      ¡Feliz año nuevo 2014!

  3. Happy New Year, Peter. Good luck getting in more games in 2014. I'm painting Prussians today before our guests arrive.

    1. Happy New Year to you, Mike as well. And of course I don't think there is anything odd about painting Prussians while awaiting your guests.

      We usually (uh make that always) stay home as I prefer not be on the road with the inebriated late at night in the winter, and my wife usually conks out before midnight, as she just did, so I got a bit of painting in tonight myself, LOL!

  4. Happy New Year.
    I hope all your wishes come true.

  5. Nice recap, Peter. Lots of figures made it off your painting table and I enjoyed seeing everyone of them march in review on your blog in 2013. Looking forward to more of the same in 2014. Your series of postings on NKE and Assyrians tempted me into considering a new project in 2014 but I don't blame you for that.

    One game per month seems a most reasonable goal. A goal I would like to make as well!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year, Jonathan! Glad you enjoyed them.

      As Joe says, so many projects, so little time!

  6. Happy New Year Peter! Your blog continues to be my source of inspiration for my 1809 project and frankly all things French, Italian and Austrian. Glad to see your book is out in PDF now, I will have to get a digital copy to accompany my hard copy!

    1. Thanks, Jake. I must admit to having a bit of 1809 withdrawal last year, which is why those Austrian units are on my possible list for 2014. I am also looking at the Perry Belgian Carabiniers as stand-ins for the Italian Honor Guards - different facing color for each city - woo-hoo! :-)

      I hope the Doppelsoldner don't reap too much havoc when they arrive in Idaho - give them a little beer... but not TOO much! :-)

  7. Well for 2013 and looks like you plan for 2014 to be equally impressive :-)

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks Garry! I look forward to you having a more active blogging year in 2014 again!

  9. Congratulations and happy new year. Your painting achievement has put me to shame. Looks like a lot of crimson paint in your future. Greg C.

  10. Happy New Year to you, too, Greg. The Egyptians padded the painting totals a bit - much easier than Napoleonics. And yes, a lot more red jackets in my future !

  11. Very impressive sir. One of my resolutions for this year is to follow interesting blogs such as yours more closely.

  12. Thanks, Michael, and glad to have you aboard!