Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mini Flame and Fusion Blast Markers by Litko

I took advantage of the Litko Black Friday sale (20% off) to get some MDF bases that will be needed for coming additions to the Lead Legions. Of course with the money I "saved using the discount, I bought some markers for my Sci Fi Naval games....

Mini Flame Markers TS070 - 2 packs of 10, prior to assembly (one shown with "dry fit").

The same after assembly using acrylic cement.

Fusion Blast Markers TS303 I got three packs of three - one pack sen prior to assembly - 3 pasrt to each marker. 

After assembly w/ Craftics #33 thick Acrylic Cement as suggested by Litko -  NCRAFT33. I am not a fan of plastic models in general and this is rather nasty to work with - smelly and sets ^very* quickly, flow is hard to control. They claim it takes 24 hrs to reach full strength, however. Adequate to the job, but not something I'd want to use every day!

Here are some of the markers used on my Entomalian ships - the Fusion Blast markers are for when the ship goes KABOOM, the mini-flame markers for having taken damage from enemy fire!

Another view of same. There are really all for visual enhancement of the game - they no effect upon game play. 

Not surprisingly the markers show up better on these mostly white Terran ships!   
"Have you seen the Terrans?" "They are only white!"  (very vague OA reference there). 

Another view - could use the mini-flames for near misses too (see the Stellar Destroyer with the markers not on the ship itself). Litko makes quite a few other markers for flames/explosions etc of various sizes... I may try some more styles with my next order of bases!


  1. Another Black Friday sale I missed. Sigh... The markers fit well with your models.

  2. Hey Jon,

    Think of all the money you saved by NOT knowing about it! :-)

    Having said that, bases are sort of like a staple - your need for them is relatively predictable based upon you project plans for the next 1-2 years.

    1. Right! Predictable basing needs relies on my project plans being predictable! I jump around a great deal.

    2. I do, too, unless there is a deadline for a game approaching , but I still know in broad terms what I'll be working on. I'm not particularly prone to "Oooooh, shiny!" :-)

    3. What were we discussing? I received a package in the mail today and became a bit distracted...

  3. Saved a bundle, yeah, I do that sort of thing s well.

  4. Not just limited to the fairer sex, LOL!