Sunday, December 11, 2016

Piquet/FoB PDF rules Holiday sale - through January 1, 2017

Brent Oman, of Piquet, Inc, has announced a Holiday sale on their many PDF products
The full list of available PDF's is shown below.  Standard prices and the sale prices are shown.  The sale runs through January 1, 2017. 

Payment is made directly to Brent Oman via PayPal at  If you would prefer to receive a request for payment from Brent through PayPal, please email him (as above), and he can handle payment that way.

For more information on these productrs, including the Print versions, plus other additional products avaialable only in hard copy, see:

$15   (On Sale until Jan 2 for $10)

Archon 2nd Edition - Eric Burgess

Band of Brothers 2nd Edition - Peter Anderson and Ken Baggaley

Anchor of Faith - Mark Dudley and James Roach

Cartouche 2nd Edition - Mark Dudley

Les Grognards 2nd Edition - Brent Oman

Hallowed Ground  2nd Edition - Brent Oman

 Din of Battle 2nd Edition - Eric Burgess

Barrage - Eric Burgess

Jump or Burn - James Roach

Command Piquet - Brent Oman

Pulse of Battle - Brent Oman

Field of Battle 2nd Edition - Brent Oman

Blunders on the Danube - Peter Anderson

 Field of Battle: World War 1 - Pat Wingfield
(Available in Hyperlinked PDF format only)

Field of Battle: WW2 - Brent Oman

Hostile Realms - Peter Anderson

$10  (On Sale until Jan 2 for $6)

Hannibal ad Portas - Glenn Pruitt
Written for use with Archon, but easily adapted to other rules sets. I love this book of scenarios for the 2nd Punic Wars!   (file in 3 parts due to file size)

 Chef de PK - James Getz

 Grand Piquet - Jim Mauro 

Theater of War - Brent Oman
Simplified Campaign rules for use with all supplements using the Piquet Master Rules
Forgotten Heroes - David Black

PKowboys - Jeff Grossman

Master Rules  (needed for playing the Piquet period supplements - titles requiring a copy opf these rules are in BLUE)

Piquet - Master Rules - Bob Jones


  1. The depth of the series is surprising. I did not realize Piquet had spawned so many offspring. What is the scale of your "Blunders on the Danube" scenario book and which scenarios are included?

    1. There is a Piquet supplement for everything from the Bronze era to Vietnam, and the FoB family covers almost as wide a range.

      "Blunders" was written for Field of Battle; the nominal scale for that is 1 unit = about 400 cavalry, 600 Infantry or 6-8 guns. However, for the scenarios, I used everything from a but less than that for a few small engagements, to 1 unit = 1500 I, 1000 C, 12-18 guns for Wagram. The book has 23 scenarios (20 if you don't count the sub-sectors of Wagram)and are listed on the "1809 Scenarios" page of this blog, which has links to those which I have presented here (most of them!)

    2. Of course! I should have figured you would have the information here. Thanks.

  2. I picked up a couple of these during a previous sale, but have yet to play any of them.

    Thanks for sharing. I might add a few more to my collection.

    1. You're welcome, Sean! Hard to beat the sale price. Put some of them on the table when you have the chance!