Saturday, January 20, 2024


 Voidfall... another of the Kickstarters that delivered the later part of 2023. 

Opening the big box.

Guide to Iconography.

This is a BIG game!

The premise is that an Ancient star civilization has fallen into disorder, with many factions (houses) vying for power, 

Guide to storing it all!

I went for the upgraded version... had to have the cool ships, you know!

Anyway, into this somewhat chaotic scene there arrives the Voidfall - an extragalactic force that feeds upon disarray and corruption. 

More storage guide!

and more!

Supporting App!

Rules... actually less complex than it seems. The complexity chiefly comes from the great many options the players (up to 4) have, as well as a large number of scenarios, including solo and cooperative ones. 

More explanation of what's what~!

Background information of the Voidfall universe, the various (17) different houses, many of which have unique features, and a large number of different scenarios. 

Some sample scenarios. 

Some of many diecut components before the punchout. 

It turns out these will be used to construct the wheels tracking certain points for each of the 4 factions... red, yellow, blue, and green. 

Play aids

Resource tracker templates for assembly. 

Production guides

Special production guides for several types of unique systems which may or may not appear in various scenarios. 

Wheels for assembly ontop resource trackers. 

Voidfall (opposition) items

These are essentially victory point coinage. 

Various production (guild) markers for systems. 

More tokens

and more...

and more!

The cool toys...

Space ship components

and more components.

color coded dice for factions, cubes to track strength, etc. 

House cards, one for each of up to 4 players. These track faction abilities, areas of focus, technologic advances, and so on. 

Board for tracking the opposition (Voidfall). 

Some of the 17 House cards. These slip into the die cut Faction holders

Flip side of the above faction cards

3 more factions

and their flip sides (mostly background information). 

 another three factions

and their flip sides

yet another three factions

with their flip sides

The final 2 factions

and their flip sides

Corruption tracker

The 25 or so sector tiles, about 3" across. 

Various card decks used during the game. 

and a couple of more!

These are focus cards for the various players - choosing an area of focus gives additional advantages and disadvantages to that player. Each player can only choose 2, I believe. I think they can be changed during the game, but at a cost!

and more - each color essentially has the same set

More, with some special development focuses!

Action cards for the opposition (Voidfall) forces

Joint Focus cards s for Alliances. 

Heroic focus cards!

More Voidfall action cards

These Voidfall action cards come from three different decks. As the level of Corruption in the systems increase, the cards are drawn from more intense (worse for the players) decks! 

The game is played in three cycles. These are reference cards showing how many of each kind of Voidfall action cards are draw for each cycle, depending upon the level of corruption overall. 

More cards... did I mention this is a BIG game, with enormous replayability!

Various events 

and more

Corruption cards

Special effect cards - triggered by achieving certain milestones. 

and plenty more of the same. 

A few special metal markers

Space ships and components

More of the same

Assembled resource tracker dials. 

Faction VP counter

This definitely looks like a game to play solo first... and that may have to wait until after I retire, LOL! 


  1. There are certainly a lot of components to the game. Setting up the game would take some time.

    1. It has a lot of components, but a lot of that id related to the many different options and won't see use in any one game.

    2. I'd actually imagine that set up of the game is likely to be fairly quick. We'll see!

  2. Good Lord - I am tired just looking at all the parts - and its own App - that would probably put me off immediately!
    Good luck with getting a game of this under your belt Peter but I will stick with toy soldiers, I think!

    1. For sure tabletop gaming is my first preference, but almost all of us play board and computer games as well.

  3. The game certainly will keep you busy this year. Does it have solo play mechanisms? Any estimate on letting us know how it plays? Does look like a huge number of components.

    1. Yes, it definitely has several solo scenarios!

  4. I like the spaceships but overall a bit more complex than I would normally go for

  5. Reminds me a little of Twilight Imperium. I would love to play that game with you! I have a copy of Gloomhaven and I found a fan who used Plano boxes and labeled them with pictures of what is in what compartment with lid open and closed. It was genius and I can see you doing something with that to help facilitate setup and breaking down.

    I hope you can sit down with a few friends and get a game in and report what you thought of it,


    1. Thanks, Kevin. A solo play is up first for sure!

  6. Looks like value for money. There are alot of bits and pieces to keep sorted. Hours of entertainment ahead. Enjoy.

  7. I am without words upon seeing this display of components. I guess my only thought is, "is there a game in there somewhere and is it playable?"

    Looking forward to your First Impressions and game assessment.

    1. The number of components is daunting, I will agree! :-)
      There most definitely is a game in there, an it does seem pretty playable. We will see. I won't need another game of this gene, that's for sure! :-)

  8. There is a lot in there, and I'll be interested to see what you make of the rules when you have a chance to read through them.

    1. I'm looking forward to it. I have a full week off the end of February to early March. If we don't travel, that may be the time!

  9. It feels a bit overwelming. The box tray guide had me doing a double take, and then moving down through all the parts showed why that was probably a good idea. I can see how this could be an attractive game to purchase, although yowza, ... can't imagine when I'd be able to play it, yet "after retirement" could be another good idea ... lol.

    1. Unboxing it was pretty overwhelming, I must confess. I look forward to a play through, either then or if my wife's away for a weekend! :-)

    2. Once you've given it a go, let us know how it works out. I might even be willing to be a playtest dummy for the playtest, or at least join in on the fun on the next go-a-around.