Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Wolf in Sheep's clothing?

As I've mentioned before, we tend to use farm and woodland anumals as markers in our games. In bwteen other oprojects, I did some new aditions from the models I aqyuired from Mega Miniatures before they sold off their molds abiout 2years ago.

First and especuially for Bob W., some especially toothsome sheep. 

I dio thjem in a variety of wool colors, for all your pre industrial knitting and weavuing needs!

Some lambs in the mix as well.

A litte; closer up; the camera makes the white look "whiter" than it actually is.

The sheep seem tio sense a threatening scent on the air....

as a pack of wolves approach form the edge of the forrest!

The MM Wolf Pack" had a nice variety - 3 running, one siting, one howling at the moon... or something. 

Also useful for Retreat from Moscow, North American Frontier, etc games!  We got to see an  American Arctic Grey Wolf up close a few year ago when a Wolf conservation group brought one to The Institute for American Indian Studies, less than 10 minutes drive away in neighboring Washington, CT. They are imnpressively large creatures!


  1. The retreat from Moscow was one of my thoughts as well, Peter.

    Very nicely done and, I have to confess, being close to dinner time on a Sunday evening for me at the moment, looking at these I am starting to wish I had done a roast.

  2. I've heard that wolf tastes like chicken... :-)

  3. Cute. I like the black sheep.

  4. I really like the way you use these as markers, excellent Idea.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks; they can also be used as table dressing in woods, around villages or farms, etc.

  6. I've been thinking about getting some wardogs and incendiary pigs for our ancient games, 'though it seems that they are not as prolific as the 'Total War' franchise would lead one to believe...!! Shame about that; especially the pigs.

    [BTW, ever notice that everything is described as 'tasting like chicken' (even KFC or perhaps long-pig)? Theory is it's 'cause chicken has no real, distinct flavour]

    1. Most of these quirky devices were sort of "one trick ponys", but they are odd enough it is hard to resiost them!

      I have had rattlesnake and vouch that it does more or less taste like chicken! I susopect your explanation is correct.

      I was, of course, sort of pulling Lawrence's leg by pretending to misuderstand that he was talking about roast lamb! :-)