Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 in Review, and Plans for 2015

Well, it's that time again for a retrospective on the old year and some plans for the new one.

Another doggone year at Blunders on the Danube

2014 in Review

1) Painting

January:  16 British Light Cavalry, 18 RHA, 6 guns
February:  6 Prussian Officers, 2 dogs
March:  24 Nubian Archers, 32 Sherdan Guards, 4 Crows, 2 Squirrels, 1 Skunk!
April; 24 Egyptian Archers, 4 Egyptian officers, 30 British Fusiliers
May: 45 Entomalian Fighters, 10 Entomalian Misiles, 6 Entomalian Starships, 7 Egyptian               Chariots, 5 Wolves
June: 38 Old Guard Infantry, 8 Old Guard Foot Artillery Crew, 6 Gendarmes d' Elite,12                  Brigade Models Merchant ships, 11 Terran Starships, 38 Terran Fighters, 10 Terran              Missiles
July: 9 escape pods, 2 Resin Egyptian Colossi, 20 Entomalian Starsghips, 16 Entomalian             Fighters, 10 Entomalian Missiles.
August: 14 French Artillery Crew, 4 French Napoleonic Characters, 18 Prussian Landwehr
September: 16 Austrian Hussars
October: 18 British Infantry
November:  18 British Infantry, 4 Ballistae
December 36 British Infantry

Total: 242 foot figures, 10 artillery models, 44 mounted figures, 12 animals, 7 chariots, 39 missiles/escape pods, 49 starships, 99 fighters, 2 terrain pieces, and about 60 drift markers for Galactic Knights.

Not a bad year, with a large chunk of it devoted to Starships and Egyptians, with less Napoleonics than usual.

2) Gaming

Games Played
Battle of the Trebbia (Pulse of Battle) w/ Barry
Montmiail Playtest #2 with Barry
Galactic Knights Playtest with Barry
Latema Nek WW1 at Historicon
RCW game w/ Jared and crew
La Bicocca Playtest with Jared
Legio Quatrenarius paytest with Barry
San Miguel with Die Fighting with Barry

Games Run
Hostile Realms at The TM (2 games side by side)
Montmirail x 2 at Historicon
Egypt vs Assyria with Pulse of Battle at Historicvon
4 Galactic Nights games (2 sessions of 2 each) at Historicon
Legio Quaternarius at EllisCon

8 games played, 7 games run - a pretty good year!

3) Blogging

100,446 pageviews
100 posts
A Liebster Bliog Award
Added Napoleonic Uniform Information Page/Index

A very solid year!

4) Publications

None, but working on at least one small project for 2015.

Goals - Looking to 2015

1) Painting

This year should be almost all Napoleonic until July and Historicon!

 I still have quite a few Landsknechts, Gendarmes, and other Renaissance/Late Medieval era cavalry that I can add to my existing forces if I have time - some could be used at La Bicocca.

2) Gaming

I did pretty well last year!  PLAYING 12 games a year is a stretch goal. We'll see! :-)

Use all those starships for a game or two!  

Maybe a Kalvan/TYW game with the HAHGS

Some Napoleonic Age of Sail with Close Action  - ? at Portal Con at the TM later this month.

I  plan to run a game of Die Fighting 2 (Napoleonic)  for Havoc this Spring.

Hundred Days 1815 "Campaign in a Day"  with Snappy Nappy at the Time Machine for June 2105 - really looking forwards to this one!

For Historicon 2014 I plan to do:
1)  Egypt Canaanite game with Pulse of Battle and Ken B. - need to firm up plans for this one.
2) A Napoleonic game with Die Fighting 2, maybe historical, maybe not
3) La Bicocca with Hostile Realms
4) Waterloo or Ligny with Field of Battle 2nd edition, maybe a PM/following AM doubl;e header - worked well with Montmirail in 2014. Buiggst issue is deciding which one fopr sure so as to guide painting, etc. I a, leaningh more towards Ligny.

Waterloo or Ligny with FoB2 (Probably whichever I don't do at Historicon) at the TM or at Ellis Con this Fall with HAHGS?  Hopefully Joe will ru n his Quatre Bra scenario one or more times.

3) Blogging

No major goals there - just continue posting regularly. Update some pages listing my exiting collections as time permits.

4) Publications

. Minor project started, should complete in the first half of this year. 


  1. Well done...a fruitful year. Let's hope 2015 is as productive. Best regards Mike

    1. Thanks, Mike. Looks like you had a productive year as well!

  2. Great looking image - best to you for 2015!

    1. Thanks, Dean. I thought the word cloud was a fun idea, and the occasional canine has been know to appear here in the past!

  3. 2014 was a very productive year for you at the painting desk and your blog is always a source of enjoyment.

    I look for more of the same in 2015.

    Your list of Historicon games looks very interesting to me. Will we see some test games before the Big Show in July? I hope so! Sure would enjoy seeing your Biblicals and Napoleonics out on the gaming table.

    Wishing you a very good 2015!

    1. Thanks, Jon.

      The Egyptians for a playtest would mostly happen if Ken and I manage to link up for same.

      A playtest of the HCon 1815 scenario(s) is likely, as is another test of Bicocca!

  4. 2014 was a good war game year for you; here's to 2015. Your gaming plans look like a lot of fun. If I had to guess, there will be more Waterloo games than LIgny games at Historicon this year. Have fun and I look forward to another good year of reading here.

    1. I would agree re: Waterloo, which is one reason to go with Ligny! I need to make a decision on that within the next few weeks!

  5. Best wishes for 2015 Peter and all the best for future projects, I've set some small targets for myself this year so I'm not disappointed ;0)

    1. Thanks, paul, and best wishes for 2015 to you and your family.

  6. Looks like a successful year. A little vague on what to paint in 2015. Are you reaching the bottom of the lead pile?

    Greg C.

    1. My Lead pile has always been relatively small, actually. At present it consists of less than 100 British Napoleonics, less than 100 assorted Russian Napoleonics, about 30 Austrian Artillery and guns, less than 30 NK Egyptians, and maybe about 100 assorted Renaissance/Late Medieval figures.
      The main painting for 2015 will be British and/or Prussian Napoleonics - Prussians if I decided to do Ligny at Histioricon. I have to run the numbers and make a decision very soon!

  7. A great year, no doubt! Hope 2015 will be as succesfull!

    1. Thanks, Phil - a happy and successful year to you too!

  8. Best for 2015. I always appreciate the Napoleonic inspiration I get from your blog.

    1. Thanks, Michael, and hope you have a great 2015 as well!