Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Caldiero 1805, Turn 2: 4th French and Austrian Initiatives

Massena wins a 1 card run, and of course chooses to go first.


Bye-bye, Squirrel!

Missed it by that much!

A baaaaaa-d roll.

Not today, Rene!

A Quack unit regains its Order.

Ooh la la! Take these rocks off me!

A (de) Rockin' Roll!

That roll is Bull!

That chicken no longer roots here...

That little Taverna down the road has beeter Chianti, I hear.

Uh, no! We're done here.

Send that piggy back top the pen!

Both the Rock and the Chicken are gone!

Nothing to see here...

Darned if I can red those dice either!  I think they rallied off at least one of the rocks, though.

Still got rock(s).

I'm afraid those three rocks are here to stay...

Fox on the run!

After a decent run of rallying, Karl turns... what else, a LULL!  The only break the Kaiserlicks can get is that Massena barely misses seizing the initiative!

A tied roll for initiative ends the turn right there, and both sides shuffle the deck. This is actually still MORE bad luck for the Austrians considering ALL of their MOVE cards were in the unused cards this turn, vs onl;y one of the French left. Karl debates whether this might be a suitable time for him to have one of his seizures...

ANOTHER tied roll - shuffle those decks EXTRA well, Lads! 


  1. Is there EVER a suitable time for a seizure? Good stuff, Peter!

    1. Medically, aside from treatment of severe, refractory depression, no. When it might be useful to partially absolve you of responsibility for what is looking to be a defeat of epic proportions... maybe!

  2. Barnyard references aside keep up the good work showcasing the rules :-)

    1. I'm deeply mooooo-ved by your comment, Gary!

  3. Amazing effort in documenting all this Peter. It really does look as though the Austrian goose is cooked (just to continue the farmyard references).

    1. Thanks, Lawrence. The Goose is well done at this point, I'd say.

  4. When you're on a bad run,nothing goes right and I fear that's where the Austrians are now!
    Best Iain