Sunday, November 27, 2022

Snappy Nappy 2022 - Russia, 1812, the Northern Front: Set Up and initial moves

 Snappy Nappy 2022: Final List of Players, Commands, Starting Positions ... 

The French players were ... Kevin C, Steve T, Robert P, Mark H, Frank N, Alex O, and Nick M. 

The French commanders with their units started in the following locations:

Marshall Oudinot, Steve T. ... at Polotsk, engineer unit near bridges in Polotsk, with light cavalry, and spy.

1.  General Legrand, 6th Division, Nick M. ... at Borovka

2.  General Verdier, 8th Division (Castex's 5th Lt Cav Brigade attached), Mark H. ... Verdier is at Oboiarschina, Castex is just below Siwochina, these are starting on the same table top, yet separated.

3.  General Merle, 9th Division of Swiss (Corbineau's 6th Lt Cav Brigade attached), Kevin C. ... Merle and Corbineau, the Swiss are just north of Disna with the artillery and Corbineau's cavalry, the Croats and Dutch are garrisoning Disna just south of the river.

4.  General Doumerc, 3rd Cuirassiers, Steve T. ... at Polotsk covering all roads approaching, 2 Cuirassiers are northwest with 1 battery, 1 Cuirassier north with 1 battery, 1 light cav west, and 1 light cav northeast.

5.  General Von Deroy, 19th Division of St. Cyr's Bavarian 6th Corp, Alex O. ... not in the region yet.

6.  General Von Wrede, 20th Division of St. Cyr's Bavarian 6th Corp, Robert P. ... not in the region yet.

7.  General St. Cyr, starts with the Bavarian 6th Corp, Frank N. ... with Von Wrede, not in the region yet.

Additional Information ... Marshall Oudinot's French 2nd Corp are already across the Dwina River, and have been in motion most of June and July.  Marshall MacDonald's force is far to your west, and Napoleon with the forces of the main thrust to Moscow is far to the east.  The French are aware that the bridge at Drissa has been destroyed, have protected the bridge at Disna, and rebuilt two bridges at Polotsk.  Additionally, there is one redoubt northwest of Polotsk.  Napoleon has given orders to protect his north flank, and reach St Petersburg far to the North.

Also, the French had access to maps of the areas around Disna, Bononi, Polotsk, and Gamzelov.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

The Russian players were ... Karl N, Russ L, James S, Peter V, Brendan S, Mike S, and Dan B.

The Russian commanders started in the following locations ...

General Wittgenstein, Peter V. ... Drissa, behind Kakhoffski just south of town with engineer, light cavalry, and spy.

A.  General Kulnieff, Vanguard/Rearguard will start away from the Russian army, James S. ... infantry and foot artillery with Depot Guard cavalry at Swolna, Hussars and Cossacks with horse artillery at Mamonitchina, these are on the same table, yet separated.

B.  General Kazatchkowsky, 1st Line Command of Berg's 5th Division, Russ L. ... east of Drissa, artillery between town and the Drissa river, infantry east of the river.

C.  General Kakhoffski, 2nd Line Command of Berg's 5th Division (Balk's Cavalry Brigade attached), Brendan S. ... Drissa, just south of town, Balk's cavalry with horse artillery furthest south.

D.  General Sazonov, Reserves, Mike S. ... Pokajewsky ... just south and east of the town.

E.  Prince Repnin, Cavalry Reserve, Karl N. ... Pokajewsky ... covering all approaches to Pokjewsky and screening the infantry and artillery.

F.  Count Steinheil, Russian reinforcements, Dan B. ... Ratitzy, not on a table at start.

Additional info ... General Wittgenstein's Russian 1st Corp are mostly near Drissa with Repnin and Sazanov close by, and Kulnieff serving as the Vanguard/Rearguard to the east.  The Russian 1st Corp has been in retreat for most of June and July.  There are Russian forces far to your west, and Barclay De Tolley with most of the other Russian forces are attempting to stop Napoleon from reaching Moscow far to the east.  Wittgenstein's Engineering unit has seen that the bridge at Drissa has been destroyed.  The Russians are aware that the French 2nd Corp under Marshall Oudinot have been moving east along the Dwina River on the south bank.  General Barclay-De-Tolly has given orders to protect all the territory north of the Dwina River, and "beat the French".

Also, the Russians had access to maps of the areas around Drissa, Swolna, Wolinizi, and Katerinov.

Overall campaign map, for reference; the players were operating off this map as well. In the event, the roads to Danowiczy were in terrible condition, and it proved impossible to move there, much to the confusion, at times, of the Russians in particular, yet even the French spy attempted to reach it twice and couldn't. 

Table B - Borovka - General Legrand's French Division is ready to move out. 

Map for Borovka table

Table BB - Bononi

Map for Table BB

Table JK - Jakubowo. All quiet... for now!

Map for Table JK - the light green is soft ground, impassable for cavalry and artillery, move penalty for Infantry moving off road. 

Table O - Oboiarschina; Oh boy, I seen a French Division, in this case General Verdier. 

Map for Table O

Table GA - - Gamezlov; the Game is on, as GM Mark looks on with pleasure. The white poker chip indicates the villages are under Russian control at present - important for future supply checks!

Map for Table GA

Table DR - Drissa; Multiple Russian commands are present at the start of the campaign, including Wittgenstein himself,  Kazatchkowsky, Kakhoffski, Sazanov, and Prince Repnin's Cavalry Reserve. 

Map for Table DR

Table G - Golovitischa - French troops are pressing hard and fast North towards St Petersburg, along the main road. 

Map for Table G

Table W - Wolonizi, along the road from Drissa to Polotsk; Kakhoffski's command is seen marching East,  while the Russian Advanced Guard under Kulnieff traverses from one table to the next.

Map for Table W

Table K - Katerinovo; Prince Repnin's cavalry is pushing East towards Jakubowo.

Map for Table K

Table SP - Sebej  (in the far North - continuing North off this table leads to St Petersburg!) Note the snowy terrain (even in summer...)

Map for Table SP 

Table DI - Disna; Merle's Division, which includes 4 units of Elite Swiss infantry (cleverly disguised as Danes here - hey, they both wore red coats!) is deployed in a broad defensive position, as Kulnieff's Russians arrive on the scene from the North.

Map for Table DI

Table P = Polotsk; key French supply center; some troops are left to hold the toen against any surprise attck, and other await developments to see where they are needed most! 

Map for Table P

Table S - Swolna; Where Kulnieff started, and lots of Russian troops moving both South and East.

Map for Table S

Table Y - Yakovtsy; along an alternate North to South route to Golovitchitsa. 

Map for Table Y

General Sazanov and his Russians see plenty of French moving North will all haste. 

French General Verdier and Russian Prince Repnin both arrive on the Jakubowo table at the same time; the terrain doesn't favor the Prince's all cavalry command. 

General Legrand has his Division on the march Northward.

General Sazanov leaving Drissa.

Doumerc's Cuirassiers heading towards Disna; he leaves behind one group at Gamzelov. 

French on the move 

General Kazatchkowsky, aka Snappy Nappy author Russ Lockwood, has his troops moving East through  Katerinovo to support Prince Repnin's cavalry at Jakubowo. 

Russian troops, including C-in-C Wittgenstein, marching South through Wolinitizi, on their way towards Disna. 

All quiet at Polotsk!

Only a few more Russian cavalry traveling thru the Swolna area.

A few Opolochenie garrisoning Drissa.

General Merle, at Disna, finds himself now facing off against first one, then two, and ultimately three Russian commands, all coming via different routes. The first major engagement of the campaign is under way! "Well one advantage of red uniforms is that they hide the bloodstains!"


  1. I don't think I'd like to be those Swiss. I can't see them getting out of this one.

    1. "Ooh, I get by with a little help from my Friends..."

  2. At least in Russia, the Swiss are unlikely to be mistaken for Brits, and shot at by their French colleagues, as happened at Maida in Italy! Looks like A LOT going on already, Peter...a fine testament to all the prep work put into this event!

    1. Yep, outside of the Peninsula, only the Danes and maybe a CFrencjh foreign Hanoverian unit wore red!

  3. Quite the spectacle,but that’s what Snappy looks like. At least the armies are finding each other quickly!

    1. Thanks, Joe; the initial contacts usually happen pretty quickly! This game also gave me the chance to uise some seldom seen troops - Opolopchenie, Croatian in French Service, Portuguese Legion in French Service.

  4. Super stuff, and good to see some engaged forces early on.

  5. Hi Peter. I’ve really enjoyed the appetisers of the pre- game. To say I’ve been looking forward to the meat and potatoes of the strategic movement and fighting is an understatement. Really enjoyed this and looking forward to it all.