Sunday, February 28, 2016

Butcher, Baker, Damsel taker!

While preparing my Hussite army for use with To the Strongest, I realized that, among other things, I needed some figures to act as "expendable heroes" under the rules. These essentially give the init they are attached to a one-time re-play of a failed Melee "To Hit" card. For "Deep" units liike War Wagons that can take three hits, this can be especially useful. Having no spare Hussite figures, and not yet having made the decision to add some Kingmaker figures, I remembered that I had quite a few unused "character" figures form the colorful Old Glory :"Revolting Peasants" set. For an army that was mostly made up of just that, they seemed like they might make suitable and also interesting "Heroes".

Here we have "Bob the Cleaver".

He's a beefy butcher turned hero.

 I don't think you'd want his cleaver coming down on your fingers...

or other useful parts!

"Chop, Chop!"

 Next up is Matt the Baker; 

He encourages the lads in the fight against religious persecution... 

making good use of his buns!

"Come and get it"

This is Adam the Philanderer.  

He always seems to be carrying off another woman... 

or at least their hearts!

He finds his task fulfilling...

even if not all are quite so willing!

Presenting Jeff the Archer.

Jeff is more of a stand up kind of Hero.

He leads his men in a more practical fashion.  

He's very skilled at his chosen craft...

and always happy to give you the shaft!

 This is Tom the torchbearer..

 I'm not sure who he's carrying a torch for...

 but he's always ready for action!

His visage is stern

as he cries "Burn, baby, burn!"

Last we have Costello the Abbott. 

He inspires the men with his pre battle sermons

although he has been known to ham it up at times.

Although a man of the cloth, he backs up his words with a sword.

"For what we are about to receive, make us truly thankful!"

Group 1, Tom, Matt, and Bob. I used a very dark "magic  wash" which gives them a suitable somewhat grubby look.

Group 2: Jeff, Adam, and Costello are always ready to sacrifice for The Cause when needed!


  1. Replies
    1. I had fun with the figures and the post, both! :-)

  2. :o) I concur with Jonathan....
    ...lovely looking figures and painting!

  3. Very funny! Great looking figures

    1. Thank you,A.P. Hopefully I brought you a chuckle or two. Definitely a tongue ion cheek post!

  4. Very character full figures, nicely animated and painted, great fun!
    Best Iain

  5. Lots of character in these sculpts. That figure with the meat cleaver looks particularly menacing.

    1. Thanks, Lawrence - the "mad Monks and Agitators' set from the Old Glory "Revolting Peasants" section has a lot of great characters, as seen in the "Command Figures" of my Hussite infantry units.