Saturday, September 25, 2021

Battle of Vimiero - August 21, 1808; SCenario for Filed of Battle, 3rd edition

 This scenario has been adapted for Field of Battle, 3rd edition, by Brent Oman, from that in the Early Peninsular War Scenario book for Over the Hills, by Jonathan Jones. We will be playing it at the gaming club for Jared's  school later this morning. Note that OTH uses variable battalion strengths; I have converted that to uniform strengths, which is why the number of infantry units is different from those shown on the map.  

Map from JJ's scenario book is used as is. 

Terrain Notes
Vimiero Hill is  Class II terrain. The crest line is about 12" in from the table edge. Most of the British are deployed on the reverse slope. 
There are Vineyards before the Village of Vimiero, which count as Class III terrain for movement, Class II for cover.  
Vimiero itself is a class III village. 
The Woods in the left lower corner is Class II. There are fields (not shown) scattered in the open areas. 

Background:  British forces under Wellesley have landed in Portugal to support the Portuguese and Spanish resistance to the invasion of the Peninsula by the French earlier in the year. The British repulsed a hasty attack by the French at Rolica on the 17th. Wellesey has deployed on a ridge line, protecting the landing of British reinforcements a short distance beyond his position. 

Objectives: French- control Vimiero Hill and/or village, thus compelling Wellesey to retreat to the beaches, or break the British army.  British - prevent the above, or break the French army. 

Overview of the battlefield as set up in my basement, British to the left, French to the right.

View from behind the French lines; with a 6 foot deep table, I have placed the reinforcements on the table as well. 


General de Division Jean-Andoche Junot  LD 10

19 Morale points

Battery 8 lber Foot Artillery  DD 6   CD 12

General de Brigade  Thomieres  LD 10
3 battalions French Ligne CD 6 DD 10
1 battalion 4e Swiss (sky blue facings) DD 6 CD 12
1 battalion converged Voltigeurs DD 6, CD 12

General de Brigade Charlot  LD 10

3 battalions Ligne    DD 6   CD 10

1 battalion converged Voltigeurs  DD 6    CD 12

General de Brigade Kellerman  LD 12

2 battalions converged Grenadiers  DD 8    CD 12

Colonel St. Clair  LD 10

2 battalions converged Grenadiers  DD 8    CD 12

Cavalry Brigade, General de Brigade Margaron  LD 10

4 Dragoons   DD 6    CD 12

Note: Kellerman, St. Clair, and Margaron start off table but may enter along the table edge in squares 20-24 on the first MOVE card

View of the French from their left...

and from their right.


Lieutenant General Sir Arthur Wellesley  LD 12+1

15 Morale Points

9 lber Foot Battery  DD 6    CD 12

6 lber Foot Battery  DD 6    DD10  

6th Brigade, Brigadier General Fane  LD 10

2/95th Rifles  DD 8    CD 12

5/60th Rifles  DD 8    CD 12

1 British Line DD 6    CD 10

Light Battalion    DD 6    CD 12

7th Brigade, Brigadier General Anstruther  LD 10

3 British Line DD 6    CD 10

97 Foot (Queens Germans, pre KGL - dark blue facings)  DD 6   CD 10

Light Battalion    DD 6    CD 12

8th Brigade, Brigadier General Ackland  LD 10

2 British Line DD 6 CD 10

Light Cavalry Brigade, Colonel Taylor  LD 10

Light Dragoons   DD 6    CD 10

Portuguese Dragoons  DD 4    CD 10

Note: Ackland's brigade enters along the road behind the village of Vimiero on the first MOVE card.

View of the British Deployment from their right...

and from their left;  the troops in March column are the 2nd MOVE reinforcements. 


  1. Look forward to this, with the best rules EVAAAAR. I'm not an expert in the period, but those ratings look perfect.
    The narrative already happening, and the game not even started :)

    1. At this stage of the Peninsular War, the British troops were solid but hardly superheroes, and the French had experienced a series of almost unbroken victories from 1800 on, and were quite confident... and competent. Historically, they fought the battle poorly, perhaps deceived by Wellesey's famous "reverse slopes" tactics.

  2. No, the British are clearly superior here. I have never seen a stand cling to a hill position so skillfully as the leftmost stand in your last photo.

    1. It is the 95th Rifles after all, specializing in cliffhangers! :-)

  3. Great looking set up and conversion of OTH scenario, look forward to report

  4. Vimeiro is a nice manageable scenario that we have played a couple of times, but I can't recall the French ever having won in our games.

    1. It's an uphill climb for sure! Against inferior troops they mighty prevail. As it is. a lot of their strength is in the Dragoons, and they lack sufficient artillery.

    2. I have played Vimeiro many time and am yet to see a French victory. Game looks great Peter.

    3. I think a win is possible, but it would take considerable favorable luck on the part of the French!

  5. What a coincidence! We also played Vimeiro with our friends this weekend! Lasalle 2 system.

    1. A fine looking game your was, too; no French win there, either.

    2. Vimeiro is difficult to win with the French, according to historical facts. We tried to bend the scenario to balance some of the forces. Nevertheless, the game was enjoyable and I recommend Lasalle 2.

    3. Yes, true, and glad you had a good game!

  6. Great looking set up,looking forward to the game!
    Best Iain