Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Entomalian Fleet Part 6: Fighters and Missiles

While I still have several more Entomalian ships to paint, these are the last new types not shown here on the blog before - the Fighters and Missiles.

Mosquito class Entomalian heavy fighters. In Starfleet Wars, the fighters were organized into squadrons of five. However, Galactic Knights uses squadrons of three fighters, so I painted up my new squadrons as groups of three to fit GK. I also have some of their "Flare' three-fighter bases, but haven't yet tried mounting any of my fighters on them. 

Another shot of Red, Orange, and Yellow Squadrons, These ships are quite detailed, especially considering their size. The star mat is the Monday Knight Production 2" hex mat, to give you an idea of the size of the fighters. 

Green and Lilac squadrons (pictures were taken outside on a very bright day, hence there is some fading of the lighter colors. Some of these ships have done a "barrel roll" to show their undersides. 

Another view of these two Heavy fighter (think torpedo bombers) Squadrons.

The next several pictures are Gnat class Entomalian Light Fighters; seen here are Orange, Red and Tan Squadrons

Yellow, Light Green , and Black Squadrons.

and another view of same.

Faded colors don't show well once again, but these are Dark Green, Pink, Turquoise, and White Squadron's.

Another view of the same four  Gnat class Light Fighter squadrons. "Bugs, sir; millions of them!"

Finally we have these Entomalian Barb class missiles. In Starfleet Wars, these were called "CAPTACS", basically towed enormous Capital ship missiles, with extra long range and hitting power. Galactic Knights doesn't use these but although each Missile Salvo only lasts for the turn on which it is fired, their effect gets resolved in turn with the other ships, fighters, missiles, etc, so some transient markers are needed for them, and these certainly fill that role well!. 

Each missile has it's own distinctive color (once again the very bright sunlight makes the  more pastel shades appear faded), with hues similar to those used for the larger ships and fighters. 

"Incoming! Reading multiple drive signatures, Captain!"
Once again, these pictures are shot on the 2" hex GK star mat.

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