Saturday, December 12, 2020

Revised QRS for FoB3- ECW

 After my Newcastle game and subsequent inquiries, I have revised my color Quick Reference Sheet for Filed of Battle, 3rd edition, English Civil War era as below. I have uploaded a PDF copy iof same to the Piquet

Field of Battle, 3rd edition, © 2020, Brent Oman  *   English Civil War 



Roll Modified Combat Die (CD) vs. opponent’s Defense Die (DD)

Lose 1 UI and 1 Army Morale Point per 3 Hits

Lose 0 or 1 UI vs Enemy Even Roll = Fall Back;  Lose 2+ UI vs Enemy Even Roll = Rout

Down 2

Down 1

No Change

Up 1

Up 2



Firing from Town

Tactical Advantage


Target Uphill


Vs. Flank

Vs. Rear



Maneuver Disorder;

Per Ui Loss

Foot Formation

Pike Forward

Shot Forward

Foot Ranges

4 - 8”

0 - 4”

Salvo: 0 - 4”

Artillery Ranges

24 - 36”

12 - 24”

0 - 12”

Target Cover

Class III

Class II

Class I



Roll Modified Combat Die (CD) vs Modified Combat Die (CD)

Lose 1 UI and 1 Army Morale Point per 3 Hits

Lose 1+ UII = Fall back; Lose 2+ UI vs Single Enemy Roll = Rout/Guns Eliminated

Down 2

Down 1

No Change

Up 1

Up 2


Guns in melee;

Mounted frontal vs. Pike Forward/Pike;

Mounted vs Hedgehog

Mounted Dragoons;


Horse, Dragoons or

Lancer vs. Cuirassier

Town Melee

Higher DD;

Initiated Melee;

Tactical Advantage;

Uphill from enemy

Mounted vs. Shot or dismounted Dragoons

Any vs Gun



Maneuver Disorder

Per UI Loss




vs. Flank

vs. Rear


March; Shot;

Dismounted Dragoons

Shot Forward

Pike Forward; Pike;



Opp. in Class III

Opp. in Class II

Both in Class I


Roll Modified Leadership Die (LD) vs. D8

Rally 1 UI per 3 pips > D8l; Rally Disorder, Routers if > D8

Horse failing by 3 or more lose 1 UI (No AMP loss)

Down 2

Down 1

No Change

Up 1

Up 2


In contact w/ Enemy

0 Remaining AMP’s;


Enemy within 12”

Over 12” 

In Town Section;

Per Daring Deed;

Tactical Advantage;

Inf. w/two Inf < 6”


LD vs. D6; Win by 6+ = 3 Moves; Win by 3-5 = 2 Moves, Lose/Tie/Win by 1 or 2 = 1 Move

If LD roll = 1,  NO MOVE.      On a won even LD roll: Horse and Guns may Maneuver; Foot and Gallopers may Melee;  Dragoons may mount/dismount (costs one segment)

Move Distance

Cavalry 12”

Foot/Pike 6”     Shot, DM Dragoons 8”

Guns 4”

Officers 16”

Routers: Move + D6

Field of Battle, 3rd edition, © 2020, Brent Oman  *   English Civil War 

UNIT INTEGRITY - English Civil War




All Artillery

All Horse, Lancers, Cuirassiers, and Dragoons

Foot, Commanded Shot, Commanded Pike

Special Rules pertaining to Fire - English Civil War

Arc of Fire: Straight ahead only for Infantry, Guns 45 degrees to either side. If any part of the target is in the field of fire, it may be shot at. 

Salvo Fire: Limited to 0-4” range; must be Commanded Shot or Shot Forward.  * Not allowed for Raw units. 

Special Rules pertaining to Melee - English Civil War

Gallopers: Receive the Up 1 modifier when they initiate a Melee; May immediate melee on a won Even roll

Trotters: Both sides roll their Defense Die. If the Trotters roll higher, they recieve Up 1 for initiating melee. 

Highlanders: If an army contains Highlanders, add the Frenzied Charge Card  - see pg 74.  

Scottish Lancers: Only receive the Up 1 modifier for initiating melee when doing so in Class I (open) terrain

Special Rules pertaining to Movement - English Civil War

Guns:  Once unlimbered, guns cannot be limbered and repositioned. They may change facing as usual. 

Immediate Melee: Commanded Pike, Foot, Lancers and Gallopers may immediate melee on won/Even roll. 

Interpenetration: Horse and Foot units may not interpenetrate each other or their own type. 

Movement Disorder: Foot, Commanded Pike , Commanded Shot, dismounted Dragoons and Guns changing facing must roll their Defense Die vs a D6; if they do not beat the D6 roll, they become Movement Disordered. This Movement Disorder is automatically  removed on a Leadership Card, provided no Rally attempts are failed by that Leader on a roll of “1”. 

Movement in Terrain: Guns and Horse treat Class II terrain as class III, and Class III as impassable.

Foot and Commanded Pike treat Class II woods as Class III, and Class III woods as impassable. 

Hedgerows: See pg 34, stop on reaching and exiting hedges, it takes a full segment to cross as well. 

Special Rules pertaining to Leadership - English Civil War

Command Radius: is just the LD rating in inches (half the usual). 

Foot Rally Modifier: Foot units receive an UP 1 modifier if there are 2 friendly Foot units within 6”

Maneuver Disorder: Recovered automatically after all other Rally attempts are completed. If a “1” is rolled for any preceding Rally attempt by that Leader, Maneuver Disorder may not be recovered on this card.

*For the ECW in particular, I would also suggest considering using the optional Pursuit rule in FoB3, found on page 58; essentially if the winning unit rolls odd in the final round of melee, it loses UI equal to that suffered by the loser, but loses no Morale Points for same.


  1. This is invaluable stuff, Peter - thanks very much for sharing this!

    1. You're welcome, Tony! It has been uplaoaded to the FoB Facebook page as well.

  2. Puts the ECW flavor in FOB3. The group is lucky to have you and your diligence.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Joe. In this case, just a colorizing and reorganization of the first page, with a few clarifications, and incorporating all of Brent's specific rules on the back page.