Monday, June 29, 2020

Caldiero 1805: 7th French Initiative

Massena starts off with a Leadership card; quite timely! 

If the Chasseurs were Disordered, they would recover, but you must win by 3 to regain a UI; close, but  no sabretache! 

"Sauve qui peut!

C'est bon...

French Right after rallying attempts.

Pepe le puent dit non. ..

Vive l' Empereur!

Overview for the forces attacking "the gap". 

Bye, bye, rock; bye bye piggy! Rallying is one time where there is no special effect from winning even. Note the marker on the General reminding us that he will need to check for survival on the next Army Morale card. 


1 UI loss rallied off. 

These boys are definitely NOT getting their rocks off today. 

Ah-wooo!  Werewolves of Lombardy... 
The unit  will remove the wolf and a rock, but is still battered with 2 UI loss remaining. 

Not quite enough

Situation on the French left after rallying is completed. 

Decision time; which one command should Massena activate? 

"Excuse me, Andre; I think you must move your Routers first; you seem to have acquired quite a few recently..."

"See you later, I'm going to the rear of the the-ater!"

Massena chooses Launay's Brigade to act. No magic this time, though!
He wants to pull back the battered infantry regiment to a safe place where its chances of rallying are better. he is also pretty sure that one of his few remaining cards is an Artillery Fire card, and the Brigade's battery is loaded but without a valid field of fire. 

Situation after Launay's maneuvers. 

Last card of the French initiative is an Infantry Fire card; Massena was pretty sure there was one of those remaining in his deck as well. 

Lots of smoke but little effect!

The infantry in the "Suburbs" are a poor unit, with penalties for firing from town, uphill, and at a unit behind works, so it's rolling a D4; as it was already loaded, it is a "free" shot and will remain loaded thereafter. Fortunately the target is one of the substandard Austrian units. The French had a 25% chance to disorder the target, and a  roughly 6% chance to cause a UI loss. It does neither. 

No joy here either, on another "free" shot. 

The Austrians are pushed back 2" in Disorder. 

These French Legere in line are rolling a D12+2 at close range; the Austrians will be pushed back 4" in Disorder, and lose a UI (plus of course, an Army Morale Point). 

We can't see the French roll, but the result was no effect upon the whitecoats. 

A "free" shot with better odds, but still little discernible effect. 

These boys kept their powder dry; the Austrians lose 2" UI and Rout back 6"!

Massena wins the next Initiative roll. 


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    1. It sure is!

      Peter, I continue to be impressed by your fine photography too.

    2. Thanks for the kind words, Michal!

    3. Nothing special, Jon, just the camera on my i-phone ? 6.
      I did (finally) replace a burned out light fixture over my table, improving the lighting a lot, which is likely helping, too!

  2. Nice reporting and pictures Peter and an interesting rule set...looking forward to the next instalment!

    1. Glad you're enjoying it! Definitely more to come. :-)

  3. Another entertaining and enlightening installment!
    Best Iain

  4. Excellent report. I really like your markers-inspired thinking.

    1. The use of the assorted animals creates lots of opportunity for bad puns and other table-side humor!

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    1. Thanks, Gary; that plus my own exploration of the changes is the main motivation form the series!